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Important Message regarding Forum Use

I'll start by saying this post might be long, but please take the time to read it as it could affect your forum usage.

We try as hard as we can to keep the DIBB one of the friendliest forums on the Internet unfortunately there are times when threads get heated and arguments start.

We are getting fed up of our time on the DIBB being spoilt by a small minority that think they can use the DIBB for their own personal agendas rather than what the site is actually designed for. This is not only causing work for Admin and Moderators it is also turning some genuine members away.

We were slated for over modding threads so just lately we have been leaving some threads open that we would normally have closed. We were also slated for giving out warnings and restrictions to members that crossed the boundaries of site etiquette and rules, so we relaxed this. However leaving the threads open and not applying sanctions against members who break our rules is obviously not working.

With the above in mind we are now going to start to be tougher on threads, posts and members that do not abide by the rules of this site.

Below are a few things that we will be looking out for and taking action as necessary:

1. Using Multiple Accounts - we know that some members sign up with a different account, now we don't have a problem with this as long as the member ONLY uses the new account and has NOT signed up as a new member to circumvent any restrictions placed on their original account. If we find more than one account being actively used by the same person we will suspend ALL the accounts used by that user and any future accounts would also be deleted/banned.

2. Personal comments aimed at other members - When replying to posts please keep to the topic and don't make your comments personally aimed at another member. It's ok if it's in a good way, praise or lighthearted but NOT if it is intended to cause bad feeling or arguments. This includes the subtle comments some people make to try and get at another user.

Please do not make posts that could be considered unfriendly or sarcastic.

Discuss the topic in question and do not make it personal even if you completely disagree with another members comments.

3. Reporting Posts - We encourage members to report any post that they think is breaking our rules, you can do this by clicking the Red Triangle at the bottom of the post in question, give your reason for reporting and it will get sent to the Moderators and Admin for review.
IMPORTANT: when you report a post PLEASE do not then post on the thread unless your post has nothing to do with why you are reporting the post. Allow us time to review the report and take any required action. If you quote or retaliate which only escalates the problem then in our eyes your post would be viewed the same as the reported post and actions could also be taken against you too.
So report it then leave it.
We review ALL reported posts and usually act within the hour, however we do ask that you give us a reasonable time to deal with it 24/48 hours.

After a review we may not agree with your reasons and we may take no action. If you see that nothing has been done then please be assured we have looked at it and for whatever reason we have decided to leave it.

We will NOT normally send email or PM to the person reporting the post, so please do not repeatedly report the same post because nothing has been done or you have not heard from us.

4. Closing of threads - We will at our discretion close or remove threads without warning or explanation. We do this to keep the site friendly and in line with the ethos of the forum.

Please do not post asking why your thread/post was closed, deleted or moved.

Please do not re-post a thread or topic that has previously been closed or removed.

5. Let the Moderators do the moderating - Please do not make posts which are effectively trying to moderate threads such as "This thread should be closed". Do not dictate to other members what they should or should not be posting. Please use the Report post feature if there is a problem with a post.

6. Creating Posts/threads to get at other members - Please do not create posts that are used to somehow get at another member. Sometimes we see a disagreement in a thread between members then all of a sudden a new post/thread appears which is obviously started to get at one or more of the members that were involved in the disagreement in the original thread.

7. Freedom of Speech - This is not a free ticket to post anything you want. Some topics and discussions will not be allowed here on the DIBB. If you want true freedom of speech then please set up your own site and you can say exactly what you want. Here on the DIBB you have to abide by our rules if you wish to use our site.

8. Moving Threads - We will often move threads to a more appropriate forum, it would help us if when you make a new thread that you please check that you are creating it in the most appropriate forum. If we find members deliberately posting threads in an incorrect forum just because that particular forum gets more traffic then the thread will be deleted rather than moved.

9. Disagreement between members - The DIBB has members from all over the world, we have different backgrounds, likes and dislikes. With such a diverse community there will be disagreements from time to time. Just because you disagree with another poster doesn't make the DIBB as a whole an unfriendly place. Please remember that not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you. It is important to respect the opinions of other people even if you don't agree with them.

10. Posting personal topics - If you post a personal topic and you don't receive the answers you were expecting please do not have a hissy fit and blame the DIBB. If you are asking for opinions or are looking for sympathy, most of the time you will get support, however there may be times when the majority of the members disagree with you and don't give you the support or sympathy you thought you were going to get. Whenever asking for opinions you must be open minded and expect to get opinions that disagree with your own. This isn't an opening for a public argument.

11. Check what you have written - some of the disagreements we see on the forums stem from a misunderstanding of what has actually been written. When you post something please read it back to yourself to make sure it reads as you want it to read, think of how others will read it, things can have different meanings if it is read differently than intended. This is especially important when quoting another member.

When reading posts, before jumping down someones throat thinking they have said something bad, re-read it and think did they really mean that or could they have meant something else.

12. Questioning Admin/Mod decisions - The Moderators of this site are volunteers and are here to help keep the forums running smoothly within the rules that Admin set. It is not acceptable to question the mods on decisions they have made. This includes why posts may have been edited or removed. Posts are normally only edited or removed if they are not in keeping with the site rules or are of an unsuitable nature.

13. Account Restrictions - If a member violates one of the site rules or we suspect an account is being used in a way that is not conducive to a friendly family orientated discussion, or a members posts are rude, sarcastic or unfriendly, then we may apply restrictions to that members account. We will apply restrictions without warning.

We may place a users account into moderation. This means that any post by that user is hidden until it has been approved by DIBB Admin. The length of time an account stays in moderation is at the discretion of Admin and no warning will be given.

Summary - The DIBB is a Holiday Planning website and it's purpose is here to help people plan their holidays. If you disagree with the way we run and moderate the DIBB then the DIBB isn't for you and we suggest you find another site more suitable for your needs.

REMEMBER: Keep it Friendly, If you cant be nice and respectful then please don't post.

Please refer to our T&Cís

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