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Quebec City: Spring 2019 - Day 6 Shopping

As usual, it was a very early get up. Also the weather looked, as forecast, not so good. I decided then that this would be my shopping afternoon. Especially as it's not much fun walking round in the cold and wet weather.

Breakfast was bagels again, but this time square bagels.

I left the apartment at about 8 AM and walked to the language school via a coffee shop where I got a cappuccino. This time though I managed to make sure that it wasn't knocked over!

It was a different teacher today. She was French rather than Canadian so very easy to understand. This morning we worked on listening comprehension. For me, this isn't something that I need to work on that much as I hear French every day. However, it was an interesting lesson.

I called the 800 bus to one of the shopping malls. I had been here before with the family when we visited a couple of years ago.

They had a competition of florists who were dressing models in flower dresses. Some of them looked very realistic as though they weren't flowers.

I was quite hungry so I had it quite quickly to the food court. I had a Mexican bowl which was a tortilla bowl, rice, veggie chili, and salad. Together with a Coke zero it was C$15 which I thought was quite expensive. Thankfully, it was tasty,

I spent the next few hours wandering around. The mall is in fact 3 malls. Between each one was a road you had to cross. It was bitterly cold again outside today so the change from one to the other was a quick dash across the road.

As a good Dibber, I of course had to go into the shop!

I have to admit that I am not the best shopper. I hate buying clothes as I have no idea of what suits me. I'm also not very patient. J can go into a shop and really look at what's there and find things He would like to try on. Me never! I think that's why I always end up with lots of bags and shoes because they are easier to try!

I was delighted to find a Walmart. I resisted buying lots of things as I'm not going to be able to eat them all on my own!

Towards 5 PM, I caught the 800 bus back. I had noticed on the way in that the bus went past my favorite salad shop so I decided I would get off there and order another bowl for my dinner.

It was then about a 15 minute walk back to the apartment. It was still bitterly cold though thankfully not raining.

This is my Walmart haul. All the Easter eggs were at 50% off though I resisted the temptation to buy more as we would only eat them!

In Bath and Body Works, I of course got some hand sanitizers. I also bought two cases – one for F and one for her Swedish pen friend who is coming in about 10 days time. I spent just under $30 here.

A shopping trip isn't a shopping trip without a purchase of either bags or shoes. In this instance, it was shoes. These sketchers sandals were reduced from C$70 to C$30. They were very comfortable and will be ideal for summer.

I also saw a bag I liked but I couldn't decide on the colour. When I looked at the website, I saw that they also did it in red. As I can order it from home, I decided I would do this.

I also got a vegetable spiralizer as both F and I wanted one.

This time, I have the teriyaki bowl which was rice and vegetables together with the crispy wontons. Again, it was very tasty.

I managed to stay up till about 9 PM.


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