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Here's the response I got last week from HL:

"Further to our recent telephone conversation I can confirm that you hold Euro Disney CDIs (Crest Depository Interests) and each CDI represents 1 Euro Disney Share. We are only able to trade Euro Disney CDIs and not the underlying Shares as overseas Shares cannot be settled directly in the UK. These CDIs are held through Euroclear. Unfortunately Euroclear are unable to pass on the voting rights for the CDIs. If you wish to attend a future Euro Disney meeting you will need to contact the company to ask them to agree for you to attend the meeting based on the CDIs that are in the name of Euroclear. Unfortunately we are unable to withdraw the CDIs into a Share certificate, as CDIs cannot be held in certificated form.

As is the case with overseas holdings we are only able to offer Corporate Actions on the holdings if CREST pass the offer through to us. There may be a number of restrictions which mean that CREST are unable to forward a particular offer to UK Retail Investors. If the offer is passed on and Retail Investors are able to take part then we will contact clients accordingly."

It's complicated but is to do with the way they are traded and the fact that ultimately someone else has the voting and options rights.

I have not heard anything to the contrary today about being able to participate and so have made arrangements for the shares to be transferred to another company who will put the shares into my name so in future, I will be on the register and it will allow me to go to AGMs, vote and take part in any further offers made directly by EDL to its shareholders.

I am hoping that there is still a chance that I can take the share option. If not, then I know at least I will be set up for the future.
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