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Cool Are we there yet? July 2016 Pre-Trip Report! ***update 27th June***

Are we there yet? July 2016 – Pre trip Report...

The Plans
ADR's & snacks
Last update

Hello and welcome to my Trip Report!
I honestly love reading every ones trip reports and I really want to do this but I've been fighting with myself for lots of reasons...
My spelling and grammar are not the best
I hate getting my picture taken
I can get a little obsessive and end up reading and rewriting things multiple times
I don't like to commit to things, have pressure (from myself to see it through)
I am not tech savvy!
Anyway, after lots of hemming and hawing and some encouragement from other lovely Dibbers, I've finally bit the bullet.

So here goes,
We are from a small village just outside Co.Derry in Ireland. We are going to Orlando for 3 weeks, 2nd of July-23rd of July... gives me butterflies just thinking about it.
The Cast
Me, Marie/Grapesoda, 39yr old planning obsessive and control freak!

DH, Nigel 37, laid back, hunter/gatherer.

DS1, Joseph 12, gaming addict with a very dry sense of humour.

DS2, Liam 8, lover of music and youtube.

How we got here
It all stared back in 2014 when we went to Disneyland Paris for the 1st time and I completely fell in love with the magic. As soon as we got home I'd talked my sister and Niece into going the next year. So once we had booked for 2015 I started making plans and stumbled across the Dibb...
Here's the boys at DLP

It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*...Gaston.

As soon as I joined the Dibb I started to regret my decision with booking DLP again. I started to think a trip to Florida would be amazing and the more reading I done the more I wanted to go! I began dropping little hints to Nigel, and the answer was straight up “no chance”!
He couldn't believe I was even considering it as I'd just booked DLP and that would have to go ahead because I didn't want to let my sister and niece down or the kids! Nigel wanted to spend some money on the house which needs some major updating, a new bathroom and kitchen to start with!

I spoke to my Mum about it and her advice was, go and make some memories!
So I told Nigel that when the kids are older they won't look back on their childhood and say we had a cracker lookin kitchen or an egg bath!
I couldn't believe it when he agreed and I didn't need telling twice!

Up next, The Plans

DLP Jan 2014 ~ Sante Fe
DLP Jan 2015 ~ Cheyenne
Pretrip report Here
Report in progress Here
Food Report ~ Here

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