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ESTAs, park tickets and more shopping!

Time for another update… I feel like things are really starting to get ticked off the list now!

So firstly, ESTAs are sorted! Is there anything more nerve-wracking than waiting for them to be approved?! I submitted them late on a Sunday night and by the time I woke up on the Monday they were all approved, what a relief!

Also ticked off the list… park tickets! Well most of them anyway, the most expensive ones are sorted! We have bought 14 day Disney tickets through Florida Escapes (£385pp) and then two-day two-park hopper Universal tickets from Orlando Attractions (£212pp). Crazy how expensive Universal is for just two days, it wasn’t much more to get a 14 day ticket but we know we won’t be doing any more than two days so seems silly to pay the extra when we won’t use it. Hopper tickets were also a must as Joan and John both haven’t been on the Hogwarts Express so it was essential that we could do that (plus we like being able to hop between the parks depending on crowds rather than being restricted to one park for a whole day).

We still need to buy SeaWorld tickets, but as I am going to get those direct I am holding off in hope the dollar rate improves slightly (wishful thinking right?!) and then also KSC.

The shopping has also continued! I have started buying bits to keep Charlie entertained on the plane… so far we have stickers books, an aqua drawing pad, reading books and colouring (Disney themed of course!). I still need to get some crayons and also some headphones (any suggestions on good ones would be most appreciated!). No doubt I will be picking more up to fill his Trunki before we fly… and of course we will also go armed with a variety of snacks!

Also sorted is an autograph book for Charlie. Having never experienced Disney as a child, collecting autographs is a whole new thing to me so I was super keen to get Charlie a book to keep as a memento of his first ever WDW trip.≈ I found this lovely personalised one on eBay which I loved, especially as it has the year on too. Now I just need to get some Sharpies for signing with! I’m excited to see how many characters we can get to sign it over the two weeks, I am hoping the character breakfasts will be a good start!

One last thing that has recently been sorted is a pressed penny holder. I popped a post on here asking if people had seen these in the parks recently (I was worrying that they might not do them anymore) and the very lovely Pamela (aka Mamie Baldwin) sent me a message saying she was currently out in WDW and had seen them and would pick one up for me! It has recently arrived and I absolutely love it, exactly what I was looking for! I love that it features all 4 parks and Pamela was even so kind to put in some shiny pennies ready to be pressed! The generosity and kindness of this lovely community never fails to amaze me, Pamela has refused to take any money for this which is so unbelievably generous. I am now on the look out for a pay to way this lovely act of kindness forward!

Oh and one last thing that I just remembered… we have also booked our airport transfers! Joan and John will be leaving their car at our house so we will all be picked up from ours at 5:30pm on the Friday and then heading to Gatwick ready to fly the next day. Good to have that ticked off the list too!

It’s all coming together, 75 days to go!

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