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Originally Posted by parisdisneyfan View Post
School catchment is on rightmove, otherwise you should be able to find it on the council website. However you won't be able to check parking etc due to it being holidays, could that be a reason they have put it on now?

If you are expecting have you thought where you will have the baby? Will it change? However it is the best time to move as you will make lots of friends with a new baby.

The fence may not be their responsibility, but if it is, it isn't stupid reason to reduce offer as our fence (not huge about 10/11 panels) cost 1300 to replace. This would be something to check. You can look it up on the Land Registry website but think it costs you a couple of . If the T mark is towards your garden then it is your responsibility otherwise it is one of your neighbours.
Hmm Rightmove only seemed to show me nearby schools, I will have to try looking on a PC rather than the app.

I would likely change where I'm having the baby but I don't have any particular relationship with the midwives etc here (in fact they have been a bit rubbish) so I'm okay with that.

It's hard to explain the location of the schools, I might be being overly optimistic but I don't think they would park in this area- just because there's plenty of other places nearby for them to park instead as the schools are surrounded by residential streets.

Thanks for the fence and land registry tips!
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