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Mobile Summer fragrance recommendations please

I love duty free at the airport and thatís a big part of the fun for me picking a perfume.
Last year I got a fragrance Dolce and Gabbana light blue Italian zest but it was limited edition and itís not available now (well not anywhere that I have seen).
Iíd LOVE that to take with me as my daily fragrance (and take a heavier one for nights if we do any nights out).
So Iím wondering if anyone can recommend anything similar.
They have brought a new one out and I think itís called ďlight blue sunĒ and itís described as zesty so if they have that at the airport Iíll possibly get that.
But just wondering
A) anyone smelt this and know if it is zesty and fresh/smells anything like the Italian zest

B) anyone can recommend anything fresh like that with a nice zesty fragrance (not DKNY I find those apple ones really overpowering).
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