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Evening ladies!

Any I know what you mean about Natalie she really annoys me too lol! It's not that blooming hard! Hope you can shift that pound!

Oh Nats poor buttons hope he's ok! They are expensive little things! Mine has been on a hunger strike for 3days, she kept eating her hay and not her food so not getting any vitamins so we stopped giving her but she's stopped eating now just up turns her bowl and hides in her house! I think I'm going to have to give in 2moz she must be hungry bless her! Hope you get some weight of this week how about some exercise DVDs to try and push it?

Liz I blaming you for starting my totm lol! Blooming talking about me hardly ever getting one and then it rears it ugly head today boo! Do you get pains like a period but actually get one? I normally just get that but no pain today just the blooming thing! How rubbish about work hope you get it sorted

Hope your ok kel, not like you not to be on!

Well not much to report from me, got signed off on home products so I can actually sell now woo!

Food today
Cheese omlette
Chicken Mayo salad
Atkins crispy cereal bar
Sugar free jelly
2burgers with cheese ( was starving!
Brownie Atkins bar
Macadamia nuts

Was alot of food today but I was really craving sweet things hence the two Atkins bars! Hoping my cravings will be gone by next week!

Righto off to bed I go I'm very tired! It's Friday tomorrow yeah but not French martini Friday boo haha I'll be thanking that there wasn't one when I step on those scales monday morning!
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