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Itís been a bit sad so I have kept away from the boards recently but Iíve come to terms with not going this year now. How I will feel on departure day is another matter!

Anyway, I thought Iíd update on all refunds.

BA - brilliant. Had a bad press but I can only speak for myself and they refunded without hassle.

AirBnB - brilliant. Full refund even deposit. Had to wait until 30 days out though. But fair play.

Homeaway - awkward as you deal directly with the homeowners. One in Disney (funtierland) have said itís no problem to defer to next year so we have taken that option.

But our beachside house in Malibu has been a tester! Wouldnít let us defer so Kept $250 deposit for a start, then said couldnít refund to card, wanted a wire transfer, sorted that but then got a dollar cheque refund through the post which we canít cash! On going...

Attraction Tix - Disney tickets have a expiry of Jan 22 and we plan to go October 21 so that will be OK

ATD - universal tickets. Not too happy with them really. Wanted to keep deposit even though I have not downloaded tickets. Have offered a credit note which I will have to accept as itís the only way of getting a refund. Iíd prefer it if universal extended the expiry. So Universal is really my complaint here as ATD have only enforced their terms.

Anyway, looking to re book later this year for next October.

Sad, and I have to admit I never saw this coming. I was so confident that we would be going. But it just proves what my wife always says...I donít know what Iím talking about!
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