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Hi Vertigo, I really feel for you. We are in the same position.
I am 50 in December and had Disney planned for my actual birthday then 9 nights in Palm Springs , Airbnb, then the last 2 nights, Xmas eve and Xmas day in Vegas.
We have first class reward flights there and back with BA. Saved up our avios for 2 years to get these.
My dh is adamant we arenít cancelling yet but he has agreed to decide by the 28th of October when the October flights are available for next year as we would move it to then if we can get the first class flights again and looking at the availability so far we should get them.
It wonít be the same though but I just keep thinking in the grand scheme of things it doesnít really matter, but honestly Iím truly gutted as I was so excited to be getting away for my birthday as up till last year I wasnít allowed holidays at Christmas.
Letís just look forward to a better holiday in October

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