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Originally Posted by Peko View Post
I would be amazed if airlines had not already made that calculation. Putting aircraft in the air is more expensive than you might think. Fuel, maintenance, parking, multiple crews and/or night stops to name a few, plus the reputational issues around the environmental impact of doing that.

Unless there is a lot of cargo, it probably wouldn't make sense financially or politically. The attempts to delay / avoid refunds are more about cash preservation than profit, so the costs (and cash out) of operating empty would quite possibly negate that. Also, as mentioned upthread, international passenger flights to US airports not on the list of 15 approved, simply can't happen right now.

Hmm, did you accept the previous change, or BA just did it? Obviously you want to travel, but you could have a case for a refund on the basis of the originally booked flight being cancelled, it's a bit more of a grey area, and sounds like you booked a package rather than flight-only, which also changes the situation a bit, as it brings in the "major change" element that doesn't apply to flight-only.

Since you do want to travel if possible, my advice above stands about waiting to see if BA cancels the flight, as long as the voucher offer remains in place.
I own a consultancy that advises travel companies. I can assure you that putting aircraft into the air is not more expensive than I think, I've got a very clear view as to how much it costs, it's basically my job to know.

I can assure you that I am starting to tell some companies that they would be better flying/sailing rather than cancelling.
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