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Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. So pleased people are finding it helpful. We're having a great holiday so far - weather is amazing, CMs have been so friendly and we've had a few spevial magic moments. Crowds are pretty decent at the moment too, although I know it will get busier as we head towards Easter weekend.

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Hope you're having a lovely time Vickie!

I had to laugh at you forgetting to take pictures at your first meal, every one of our trips I've been adamant I'd do a food report and all but one I've forgotten to take pictures of the starters on pre-travel day. I'm a completionist so not having them always put me off and I've never followed through. The one time I remembered I broke my phone the next day!
We're having a wonderful time! I couldn't believe that I failed at the first meal I've intended to write a report before but kept forgetting to take photos, so it's never happened. I'm enjoying doing it live though and think that it helps to keep it in mind, plus my family keep reminding me now. I figure that dibbers would rather have some photos misding rather than no report at all

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Thanks for taking the time to give an update. I'm not a lover of many vegetable in this country (I make myself eat them as they are good for me), but I do find I crave them in America.

Breakfast at BOG looks good- might be tempted when we go.
Hope you're having a wonderful time
We're big veg eaters at home so I actively seek them out here. It's a good job that we like broccoli, as it seems to be the main one available over here. If we didn't have veg for 2 weeks, we'd be backed up to next weekend!

BOG breakfast is worth it if you're on the dining plan. If you can get an early ADR on a day without extra morning hours, then you can join the queue for SDMT and they start running it about 10 minutes before the park opens, so it's a free ride without needing a fastpass

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Loving your food trip so far thanks! We are on the QSDP in the summer so it's great for ideas! Can I ask- at the food courts when you want to swap a drink for a dessert if you use your resort mug do you just get one and then tell the person at the till? Sorry if ita silly question- never been before and want to make sure I know everything about the dining plan and what we can do! X
At the food court I just get the meal and snack and then when I get to the top ask if I can use X number of quick service credits (depending on how many meals I'm getting). I did double check with a CM that it was still okay to do it before I did it for the first time. Not tried it in the parks yet as it's so hot out here right now that we need our drinks!

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I am reading...

Eleven grapes! Who did you have to *kiss* to get 11?

Loving the report so far - but please upload more photos of handsome men in kilts. Like grapes, one is just not enough.
Yay! Glad you could join me

I know, I felt very special getting so many grapes. I had to fight the rest of the family for them though! We all love grapes, but I'm the only one who eats melon, and there's no way I could eat all 4 portions. I like to think that your request for extra grapes might have had something to do with it

Mentioned your comment to Andy and he says he's going to wear nothing but kilts from now on It's our name tartan and he bought it for our wedding day - 17 years ago this May. Every time there's a christening, wedding or special event, he gets to wear it again. I think people might look at me a bit strange if I turned up in my wedding dress

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Great review of BoG breakfast. We have it booked twice this year and I can't decide what to get. I'd quite like the adult portion of brioche French toast!
Getting an adult portion will depend on the CM, as the lunch CM wouldn't do an adult portion of the shrimp for us. She had to put it through as an adult meal, so chose the doughnut thing, but then crossed it off our receipt and wrote 'brioche French toast'. Then she had to call through the special request to the kitchen. Anyway, the doughnut thing came out, so I showed them the receipt and that we were meant to have an adult French toast, so they took the doughnut away and the toast came out about 5 minutes later. Izzy tucked in to the pasties while she waited, so was quite happy

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Really enjoying your food report. You have always given great advice on the Dibb re: food particularly. Were you at Disney last Easter? We were, for our first trip and I know we had lots of advice from you then.
We have just booked our second trip for POFQ for Oct 2018 and upgraded the free qsdp to ddp as we have 2 birthdays so felt we would benefit with ts credits. We were at AoA last year so no dining plan at Easter so looking forward to having the dining plan next year.
Have a great holiday 😊
Yes, we we're at POR last Easter, but checked in the weekend after Easter as our school holidays fell a bit strangely that year. We had Easter bank holiday weekend off, then the children went back to school for 4 days, then we had 2 weeks off. It worked well for us though and meant that we qualified for free dining.

It will be lovely to have the full ddp, especially with 2 birthdays to celebrate. Make sure you call after you've made your ADRs to get them to add a birthday note to your bookings (you can't do it online) as you'll get birthday cards and sometimes a cupcake, which is a nice touch

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Fantastic updates, I love your style of reporting; telling us what you ordered, showing us the photos, then your opinion on each.

Looking forward to more
Thank you. Glad the format is working as I wasn't really sure what to do

POFQ: Our 'once in a lifetime' trip, 31st Oct - 14th Nov 2012
SSR: 40th birthday trip, 2nd - 16th Jan 2014
SSR 2 bed villa: my mums first trip, 7th - 21st Feb 2015
POR: An unexpected Easter break, 2nd - 15th April 2016
CBR: Another unexpected Easter trip, 29th March - 12th April 2017
CBR: 18th birthday surprise trip, 21st October - 4th November 2019
Food report - the unexpected Easter QSDP extravagana! April 2017
What do we want? FOOD! When do we want it? NOW! QSDP food report, Oct 2019
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