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We were due to fly to California in May with Aer Lingus, and as we've just had the lockdown extended by another 3 weeks we have made the decision to move our holiday to October. We're trying to be positive that it will go ahead, but we'll wait and see. What we have actually done is change our plans to two weeks in California, and one week in Florida (we were never supposed to go to Florida). May have been a stupid idea, but hoping for the best!

We were only able to change our flights, with no change fee but we would be expected to pay the difference had the flight been more. Or alternatively apply for a flight voucher. I have been looking on their twitter and I could see some people had been waiting at least 3 weeks for their voucher to come through, so that put me off as I didn't want to wait. We tried to book our new flights online, but were unable to do a 'stopover' so had to call them up. They weren't very helpful on the phone and after 20 mins of the person not understanding what we were trying to do, she eventually said she couldn't do that. So we've ended up having to book an internal flight ourselves with American Airlines and paying for it. When really our flights cost 1400e originally, and to book dublin to san fransisco, then orlando to dublin now would be just over 1200e, so 200e saving. They said we couldn't have that back, and apparently are unable to book that internal flight for us.

I also tried asking if we could use the 200e difference to add on our extra luggage, or pay for slightly better seats, but they said no, that we were comfortable with the flight we paid so they wouldn't do anything for us. They also said no refund unless the flight is cancelled (which is still 6 weeks away). You can only get a partial refund now, something to do with taxes or something!

All very annoying
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