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Born and bred New Englander and I think it is the best area of the world. That said, I agree flipping your trip would be good. Color times vary but I always think of mid-October as peak. Color moves north to south.

September and October are off season on Cape Cod and there will be more closures than crowds but it can still be beautiful. As someone who vacationed on the Cape for many, many years, the real Cape begins after Orleans-Brewster to Provincetown are much nicer than Hyannis, Yarmouth and even Dennis (which isn't bad) If you haven't driven out past the Orleans Rotary, IMHO you haven't been to the cape.

Weather in New England is tricky. Today was the first day all week we got above 50 degrees F. Monday they are saying we may hit 80. An old saying is if you don't like the weather, wait a minute. September and October can be very nice, hot or cold. A couple of years ago, we got a major blizzard on October 28. We had a bit of snow this past week, although further north in the higher elevations, they had accumulating snow.

I love NH and my favorite places are north of the White MOuntains. We used to go to Errol regularly when the kids were young and always spotted a moose (or two or three). Black bears have made a wonderful comeback and even make their way down to Massachusetts on occasion.

You seem to have an interest in the Ivy league universities. What are you hoping to see? If I had a choice between Brown or going to Newport for a day, I'd choose Newport hands down. (DD is a Brown alum so maybe I am just no longer impressed) Rhode Island School of Design, just next door has a nice museum.

And it only really rains from April to October in the northern states. AS winter begins, snow gets more likely. BUT people in northern New England know how to drive in the snow and the roads get cleared relatively quickly. And it is so pretty everywhere.

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