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Mobile Intro, trip names and pins!

Hi everyone!
So my dad has been an avid dibber for a while, some of you may have read his trip reports as brum26 with the “the brummies are coming” series.

For anyone who may have read that, I am “The Daughter”- the most Disney obsessed of us all. My dad always seems to give up or forget to write our trip reports. Up until days 3-5 it usually goes well and then completely flops and abruptly ends. To prevent this from happening on our next trip in June/July, I want to carry on the tradition of the trip reports. However, I’m really struggling to come up with a name. The first report I’ll be doing is my dad, stepmom, 3 year old brother, nan and 16 year old me. We’re located near Birmingham hence the brummies are coming previously.

I am also going on a second trip to the house of mouse in July/August and this trip will consist of my mom, 1 year old sister, other nan, boyfriend and myself. We’re also located from around Birmingham and I’d love to do trip reports but seem to lack the creativity to even produce a title so if anybody has any sort of suggestions, please feel free to message me or reply to the thread.

Also! I became a pin collector/trader on our trip back in 2013, we returned in 2017 where most of my spending money was ‘wasted’ as some would say, on buying pins. Another important thing to note about me is that I am OBSESSED with Hercules. It is my favourite film ever, not just disney, and I have lost count of the times I’ve seen it. All things disney, Hercules and french (I can speak a bit of french and want to study it at uni and live there for a bit). So if anybody could tell me places to get Hercules related pins it would be much appreciated. In my current collection, I have a Hercules “I’m kind of a big deal pin” and 2 hades pins. My ultimate goal is to get a Megara pin as she’s my favourite character but I just can’t seem to source any that aren’t being sold for extortionate amounts. Any cute dumbo pins would also mean a lot as dumbo holds special significance for my stillborn brother.

For anyone interested, this is my current pin collection:
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