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Wow I didnít realise there was another child liver recipient on here! My son is 18 and had his aged 16 after he was born with liver disease and developed liver cancer. Itís amazing to hear your daughter has done so well for so long x[/QUOTE

She was very lucky, at the time things were very different and there was a lot of trial and error with the babies. Thankful every day for the courage of her donors family.
She has been very healthy and competed for team GB at several world transplant games, sheís taken a break for the last couple of years. Does your son take part in the games?
No he hasnít yet, he is playing in a transplant football tournament In a couple of months though. He is doing well, his 2nd transplant anniversary is next month so itís still pretty new for him. Which hospital is your daughter monitored at?
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