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Where have you "beignet" all my life? QSDP Sept 2019. COMPLETE

Ok now I'm back I'm going to get these reports written! I'm going to attempt a simultaneous dining and trip report posting so we'll see. Normally I just link to the dining part each day as it's less work so if you want to read the rest of the trip report it's here.

The pre trip report is here but for anyone who doesn't want to read, my sister and me are spinster aunts in our 40's who like to go to Disney and prefer an onsite stay with some kind of dining plan. This was our first year at Coronado Springs and our first time on Quick Service dining plan.

Pre-travel & travel day

I've combined these as pre travel day was boring.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn, Glasgow Airport as usual and arrived about 8pm. We got settled in and had a cup of tea with a couple of kit kats I’d grabbed from the fridge before we left home! We’d also brought what little milk we had left.

We had decided at check in to pre book breakfast at the hotel as you could save £3. So instead of £15 it cost £12 each. We headed down around 8ish and it wasn’t too busy. It’s a buffet of both hot breakfast items and continental. My stomach was a bit excited so I eased myself in with a small plate of continental breakfast. I managed some hot items but definitely didn’t get my £12 worth. Marie was annoyed there was no potato scone.

We had booked the Upper Deck Lounge for about 10.30am so headed there next. Since I wanted to check in so early I thought it would be best to book a lounge for comfort. It was quite quiet when we arrived and it looked like breakfast was just finishing up. There were still some bacon rolls out so we had one each. Probably not a good idea as they were a bit cold and stale and it meant we weren’t particularly hungry when lunch was brought out.

Being Scotland they had tablet and macaroon in wee bowls on the counter so I had some of that too.

When lunch was brought out it was 3 types of sandwich – cheese & onion, tuna & sweetcorn and ham.

There was also soup – tomato and cream of chicken. I also noticed cheese and crackers. There was a bar, a fridge with cans of fizzy juice, coolers with different fruit juices, a coffee machine and a hot water dispenser. I loved being able to pop up and get a drink or a snack any time I wanted, even if it wasn’t a huge selection. After enjoying some quiet time in our window seats it started to get a bit busy and a couple sat in the seats next to us. I personally felt it got a bit too busy but it probably didn’t help that our flight was delayed an hour so we stayed for our full 3 hours. While waiting I had half a tuna and half a ham sandwich.

I then went up and got some chicken soup. No picture for some reason but this was nice.

Our flight was delayed and we took off an hour and 20 mins late at 3pm.
Dinner was served soon. It was chicken in a mushroom sauce, pancetta mac and cheese and paneer & cauliflower makhani. Marie had the mac n cheese and I had the chicken. The salad was “Japanese Cucumber Salad mixed leaves”. Translate that to “tasteless leaves”. Pudding was a Gu Pot as usual which as usual was bitter chocolate. Marie didn’t eat either as normal and even I, who will usually eat eveyrthing on the tray, couldn’t finish either the salad or pudding. The chicken was ok and Marie said the mac n cheese was fine. Normally I’m ok with airline food but this was below par.

about 1 ½ hours from landing they served afternoon tea. This was a pesto & mozzarella roll and a scone with clotted cream and jam. The roll was just ok but I’m not a pesto fan.

When we arrived at the terminal building I checked MDE and could see our QSDP credits. So excited!

We arrived at CSR about 9ish and were hungry so as soon as we got to our room we headed across to El Mercado de Coronado for some food and our refillable mugs.
By now it was 9.50pm (or 2.50am!) so Marie got chicken nuggets (not advertised as adult portions but you can get if you ask) and I got a burger. We subbed the drink for snacks (never a problem here by the way) but there wasn’t much left so we both got cake. This was all fine but you could tell it was close to closing time. We collected our mugs, Marie getting a Halloween themed one and me a Buzz Lightyear one.
As we left El Centro we popped into Café Rix to see if they had any breakfast pastries but it was just the same selection as El Mercado.

I was re-reading this to cheer myself up during lockdown and realised I never included the picture of our first night dinner . Here they are


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