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I think itís when he cleans himself as his breath stinks too, he does hunt a lot and has brought in mice, wood pigeons and anything he can get his paws on, dead or alive, he doesnít care lol, if we donít get them off him then he will eat them so think itís maybe his hunting ground thatís smelly and the smell just sticks to him,.
Will see if hubby feels like trying to bathe him, although might need a suit of armour, heís a big cat, very strong and has claws like razors, thatís why I was thinking it might be easier to spray some pet dry shampoo on him, if nothing works then guess I might just need to live with a smelly cat, must admit his odour doesnít linger or smell my house, itís just when you go near him you can smell him, he is a lovely big ginger tomcat though and we do love him.
We usually do sing Pheobes song smelly cat to him
Mary xx
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