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Hong Kong 2019 - Day 10 Botanical Gardens and Going Home

With no alarm set, I woke up about 7 ish. O was a little later. I had done what little packing there was last night (the Tetris cube of getting what little I had into the wheely case! )

I reverted to type for breakfast - eggs and beans with toast and coffee.

My flight was not until 11.45pm so I had the day to fill. We decided we would go out this morning, come back, check out (I had got a late 2pm check out), go for lunch, head to the university to drop O off and then I would head at some stage to the airport.

We headed into the central area of Hong Kong. First stop was another temple - Man Mo Temple. Again, it was right in the middle of a very densely populated area.

Built in the 1800s it is known for its intense burners. O actually walked in and walked out as it really was very smoky.

It wasn't my favourite temple - too touristy!

We then set out for the botanical gardens and zoo. It didn't look too far on the Maro but very very much uphill. Thankfully we came to the mid level escalators which are a series of escalators which take the pain out of walking uphill.

Just before there was a Marks snd Spencer's food shop. We went in for a look. A truffle advent calendar caught O's eye so I treated him to that!

The gardens were signposted and not too much further from the top of the escalators. They were free to enter.

There were lots of information boards about the trees and plants as well as a zoo with mainly animals from the apes world and an aviary.

I am not the biggest fan of zoos at the best of times and this one seemed to have enclosures that were too small and not brilliantly adapted. It was however very popular with families with children and the local maid population who were setting to their picnics for their day off.

The gardens on the other hand were lovely and I can see why people would come here to get out of the hecticness off the city.

We were hot and sweaty by this stage so decided to head back to the hotel for showers. The walk back was at least downhill.

After long showers each and a bit of a rest, we got everything together and headed to check out. I left my wheely back with the concierge. O had 4 bags of stuff that he has accumulated!

Lunch was if course at Pizza Express - why change s gambit of a lifetime. This was our 7th visit! O was happy though - he has had enough pizza to see him through to Christmas!

We then went and got him some sushi- a bargain HK$45 for a tray of 10 salmon on rice and a second tray of salmon, rice and seaweed rolls!

E then got the metro to Hang Hau and then the mini bus to the university.

There had been some graduations as there were lots of students in gowns and mortar boards.

I said goodbye to O with lots of hugs and he left to go and do his laundry as it was getting critical!

I got the mini bus back to Hang Hau where I got a tip from Uniqlo for F from O for her birthday.

I headed back to the hotel to use my drink vouchers on a coffee and a Coke Zero.

At 5.40pm I went to walk the 100m to the bus station - there was a bit of a police presence though no crowds

The bus was a direct one to the airport. It cost HK$42 again. It was freezing on there but did at least have wifi!

I was at the airport at about 7.15pm - way to early. I hate the late departures. I had a wander and a Starbucks before going through security.

There were lots of high end shops I found a seat near the gate and read. We boarded around 11pm. The flight was again full!

Most people seemed to go straight to sleep - me included so I wasn't too impressed to be woken up with my meal. I ate the rice and chickpea curry and then went back to sleep. I probably slept for about 6 hours which isn't bad.

I watched Nothing Hill and a documentary on Whitney Houston (very sad).

Breakfast was bought round with about 90 minutes to go - a bit bizarre but if I will choose the Asian option...

We landed on time!

I went back through a sandwich at Boots and a cappuccino at Starbucks. Oh and lots of chocolate for the office!

The gate was called - they were trying to get people to put their wheely cases into the hold. I declined on the basis that I just wanted to get out of the airport at the other end.

The flight was full except for the seat next to me! I just started out of the windows!

Coming into land!

J picked me up and took me home!

It was a fabulous trip! I will do a round up over the next few days!

Thanks for reading!


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