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Originally Posted by Disney Dizzy View Post
DDs Eng Lit was on An Inspector Calls and Romeo and Juliette. She said she felt it was better than she had expected. Those in her school who did Macbeth were all complaining as the questions were about a very minor character in the play. She has Jekyll and Hyde and poetry next week.
My DS's Eng Lit paper was on Macbeth and A Christmas Carol, next week it is An Inspector Calls and poetry.

His Macbeth question was about the Macbeth character. What I don't understand now is I always thought that the kids took exactly the same exams, if the questions are different how can they decide the grade boundaries. It doesn't seem fair now as some papers will be harder than others.

Also if the school gets to choose the books why on earth would they choose Pride and Prejudice, it's word count is approx 122,000 words, compared to approx 18,000 in An Inspector Calls.
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