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Originally Posted by Andybear View Post
I prefer Na'vi River to FOP. I really don't get the FOP hype. NR is beautiful.
But if you are a thrill seeker then itís pretty but boring.
Itís more like a boat through a themed village. Thereís really not much to it and for me not something I would do again. Nor would I want to wait for something like that.

I canít wait for fop. I am hoping my 5 year old will enjoy it too. She loved big coasters like everest.
Star Wars is not my cup of tea and the ride hasnít had the greatest reviews but as both will be open when we go then we will be going to it. Just cos I like to have done all the rides at least once, I think both kids will be able to ride and they might enjoy it more than us too.

Also donít get why people who like fop wouldnít do hulk etc.
It always seems to me that there are the coaster/adrenaline junkie type and then the slow theme type.
You either like exiting rides or you donít and I would have assumed from what people say that fop is exciting.
But thatís just a very narrow black and white kinda guess on people. There my be loads that also fit into lots of different categories.
Suppose you never really know. Itís all personal and at least at Disney there really is something for everyone
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