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Not what we expected but it be different

We try and go away every year it helps partner and recharge the battery though the years we been very lucky and been both to Vegas Florida and a few other places we loved them all for diffrent reasons . Before the virus we where going to vegas it was all paid and I was in planning stage when th virus hit knew that we not be going reason quite simple I world not injoy the trip. I cancelled the trip and was lu ky enough to get a full refund in voucher form whichi do not mind one little bit as it will pay for a trip to florida next year and we be able to up grade with luck as for this year with luck Weber doing just uk we are doing

4 days Cardiff
5 Days Liverpool
5 Days London

Cardiff as All ways to see partner Dad and have a look around and maybe goto westen surper mare as not been in years

Liverpool been a few times but love the city and with luck got a few things planned

London I been many times one and 2 days but never 5 as there loads I wanted to do

We staying travelodge in all 3 citys stayed a few times in diffrent citys no,problems

We paid for all the hotels so just got travil to pay saving that Norwichnto cardiff is paid

Thanks for reading I keep This tr up to date with anything new thanks for reading
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