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Originally Posted by bambikate View Post
Thank you so much!

I think everyoneís different, 3 days would be plenty for some, you would definitely have at least one go on all the rides provided itís not over a weekend but honestly if you can fit it in, I would do longer. We wished we had longer at Disneyland , itís so magical and thereís so much to see and do (and eat) however some would totally disagree with me!

In terms of hotels DL is totally different to a WDW as ďoffsiteĒ isnít really that different, there are non-Disney hotels Literally thirty seconds from Disney property itís all in Flat easy walking distance and the cost of onsite made our minds up easily as it was so different and the hotels were so much cheaper. Would totally recommend our hotel.

Not a daft question, ask away x
Iím sure I will have loads of questions as itís all new and Iím struggling to find anywhere near as many vloggers to watch as there are for WDW.
Iíve had a slight rejig so will be looking at 4 nights in Anaheim with 4/5 day tickets. I looked at my projected dates when reading your experience with weekdays vs weekends and as a pure slice of luck we will drive down Monday morning and head off elsewhere on the Friday. Iím sure we will end up going for the max passes too. Having been looking Iím pretty sure we will go for a cheapish nearby hotel as the onsite costs will restrict budgets for other parts of the trip!
Thank you 😊

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