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Day 2 Cardiff here we come

Today I was awake again at just gone 3 but managed to stay in bed until 5 I went on the I pad caught up with a few emails and just tried to relax but itís was hard to. Maria woke around 6 and we talked we where meant to be seeing Maria dad this trip but unfortunately he was taken Iíll and is in hospital he had a major operation we donít know if his cancer is back or if it something else we have to wait and see. We try to make the best of things as we still got a lot planned. We where out by 7 and at Liverpool Street underground by 7:20 Our first train we caught we waited 20 minutes at the staion to be told that a train had broken down. Itís me again so we went another route as there a few you can go to get to Victoria where we where catching the coach we where there by 8 but found out we could not go in until a hour before our coach left that was 9:30 so we just grabbed a bite to eat and found a place to sit down and had our stack. We where in the coach staion by 8:35. We left dead on 9:30 it was quite empty due to Covid just outside of Newport we hit a traffic jam which made us around 30 minutes late but never mind. We did early check in to Cardiff Travelodge queen street and had a brake then just did a few things here and there and had a look around we where back in the room by 7 pm and just relaxed I know Maria worried about her dad but there nothing we can do until the results come back. Hope this dont spoil things for her as she very close. Thanks for reading here some pics from today

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