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Originally Posted by Ridersmom View Post
If you want to see Moose we have found the area around Lake Umbaggog good. The town nearest it is Errol. Pittsburg is the other big town in the North of NH. Bears are much harder to see. Moose walk the roads, bear stay in the woods. We have a few familiies that live in my neighborhood and are seen on occasion. /We leave them alone and they leave use alone. NEVER, EVER feed bears.

You can easily travel to Canada from NH. Quebec City is gorgeous and a short drive.

You can hike in wet weather but you need to make sure you have shoes that will grip. Slipping can be quite dangerous. Two of my kids do winter hiking. All I ask is they call me to confirm they still have 10 fingers and 10 toes when they get down from the mountain.

Good, easy hikes with a great reward at the top are Mt. Kearsage (off 89) and Mt. Major (in the Lakes region.) both are only a few hours and the views from the top are outstanding.

Rain is common year around but it is not usually all day. You can have a bright and beautiful morning with a gray and rainy evening. But it also keeps the green growing.

Come end enjoy this beautiful part of the country.
Thanks again for another very helpful reply! I have added Errol to the maybe list - time dependent I have also added Mt Kearsage and Mt Major to the list - I had a quick look and they look beautiful!

We went hiking in unseasonably cold and icy weather in Illinois and Wisconsin in March so we have a lot of the stuff we need already Hopefully we won't need them and at least every lake we see shouldn't be frozen this time!

Any other suggestions that come to mind feel free to keep them coming
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