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How Much Food?! 2 weeks on the DDP - October 2018 *COMPLETE*

Welcome to my DDP dining report. This was our first family trip to Florida (I went at 15 years old, hubby went at 7 years old) the kid's had never been. We decided to go all out and booked 2 weeks at Port Orleans Riverside with the free QSDP which we upgraded to DDP.

So, we have:
14 nights of the DDP. This includes:
* 1 TS credit
* 1 QS credit
* 2 Snack credits

Per person, per day. We started off with 140 snacks, 70 TS and QS credits. We planned to drink free water in the parks and to swap out the drink element of the QS meal for a snack.

We also planned 2 day's of OOP meals for our trip to Universal. First eating in the park then dinner at Bubba Gumps. Second day was a snack at lunch time then dinner in Epcot. I had been desperate to try Steak N Shake after seeing reviews on here so planned that in for lunch one day too.

Our party consists of:

Myself (Kelly) - Chief planner and organiser ... none of the trip would have happened without me

Husband (Chris) - The laid back photographer one ... I guess it wouldn't have happened without him paying for it so I have to give him some recognition there

Caitlin (Turned 12 when we were out there) - total drama llama and pre teen one.

Thomas (9) - the cheeky brain box one.

Noah (5) - the cute one (He was recently diagnosed as autistic, so it was a big challenge for us all to ensure we kept meltdowns to a minimum)

Pre-Travel Day - TGI Fridays - Sale - 26th Oct 18

We planned to be at TGIs just before 4 but due to traffic it was almost 5 when arrived. We were all tired hungry and fed up.

I was struggling to get into trippie mode and I forgot to take photos here, but trust me itís best I didnít. Iíve took these pics from the internet of our meals.

Loaded skins Ė potato skins filled with melted cheese and bacon Ė to share


I opted for:
Cheeseburger Deluxe Ė beef burger simply grilled and smothered in cheese and Fridays mayo.

Chris wanted the surf and turf burger but they didnít have any so he opted for:

The Warrior Burger Ė Donít fight it Ö bite it! Souble stacked beef burgers, mozzarella dippers, Colby cheese, American cheese, caramelised onions and Fridays mayo.



Kidís Hamburger with no fries Ė Beef burger with fresh tomato, server on a seeded bun with crispy fries and baked beans.

Thomas and Noah each had:

Kidís Fish Fingers Ė Omega 3 fish fingers with crispy fries and baked beans

Chris and the kid's had soft drinks and I had a much deserved Bubblegum Daquiri ... it's the only photo I actually have from today I promise I do get better with the photos!

The service in here was very slow, it took almost 45 minutes for food to come out and that was just the starter and kidís meals. Luckily, weíd asked for the kidís meals with the starters or the kidís may have been trying to eat the table!

Our starters were cleared, and it was another 30 minutes before our meals came out. When it came out it was luke warm and crusty, as though it had been left under the hot plate for a while. By now we were just so hungry we just ate it. None of our food was very nice, it all tasted as though it had been left under the lamps for a while which is a shame as I really wanted to enjoy it.

I ordered the kidís dessert when they brought our meals in the hope that whilst we were eating, they would appear.

We finished after 20 minutes, 10 minutes later the kidís desserts still werenít out. We were fed up of waiting so we asked for the bill, paid up and left.

We really didnít enjoy the food at all and it was so over priced. Our total bill came to just short of £70 for 1 appetiser, 2 adults meals, 3 kidís meals, 4 soft drinks and one cocktail. If we weren't paying with vouchers hubby had I think we would have complained but as we were all tired and hungry we decided to just leave and get settled for the night.

The food does improve over the course of the holiday x

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