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The Marsh‘s Marvellous Mousecation- Day 8 - Sunday 14th April

I woke at 7am today, and then woke everyone else as we were off to AK and unfortunately I'd not been able to secure a FP for Pandora. So the aim was to get there early (checking the elusive FP availability on the way) and/or possibly join the standby line.
We parked near to this old police car, which we had a good look at!

By the time we'd parked up, gone through bag search & security, there were already streams of people coming in - and it's hard to march your kids straight past wonderful sights (like the ant-eater & tree of life) when all they want to do is see what's in front of them & soak everything in. So sadly the plan didn't work and standby was quickly at 4hrs. I'm sure it's fantastic, but no ride is worth that wait imo.
Anyway, we had a good look around at the animals & tree, and the ‘Maharaj tour’, and then headed to our 1st FP which was Kali River Rapids. My middle daughter had a wobble & couldn't decide if she wanted to go on - she was scared of drops despite fact she recently went on simulator rides with drops. A lovely English family re-assured her that there are no drops, more a slide into the water & DD decides she'd give it a go. 😀 She loves it & wanted to go again, but standby was already 70 mins & next available FP was 6.40. We all got drenched but seemed to dry out quickly & all had a good laugh.
We had a further look around, and then had our picnic lunch (which my lovely DH prepared the evening before for us).
After this we watched the Finding Nemo stage show - wow, just loved it (as did youngest DD).
Our next & last FP (yes, we only had 2 today as didn’t need to FP the show & nothing else at all seemed to be available when I booked) was Expedition Everest. Again middle DD had a wobble & adamantly wasn’t going on. DH isn’t keen on coasters, so happily stayed with her & youngest DD who also decided she wasn’t going on.
Me & eldest 2 kids absolutely loved it! Omg, the broken track part where you go backwards! I thought that was the end of the ride when we’d ridden backwards to the bottom!
After this we decided to get various ice creams, including this deliciousness which me, DH & youngest DD all shared.

Eldest DD then bought this set of flip-flop pins for $14.99, very cute! (my girls are all mad on Stitch!).

After this we decided to head home for a swim in the villa pool.
Now, without kids I’d love to stay morning til night & take in all the shows, but it’s just too much for youngest 2, so we’re trying not to do too much.
Also, DH & my eldest 2 were a bit underwhelmed with AK (basically not enough rides & the amount of people on the park means that it seems very crowded (as it’s the smallest park), and also means the rides they do have get very busy. The 2 eldest were disappointed not to be able to ride FOP (as was I).
Bit of a back-story, but at the 30 day out time period for booking fastpasses, unfortunately as I work in a school, I don’t get time when I can log on & do this. DH is at home in the mornings (as works lates), but typically had had a few very very late finishes meaning he wasn’t able to secure the FP either. So on some days I had to do them when I got home from school (4pm ish), therefore didn’t get the FP we wanted. Not sure what we can do about this for a future trip?
Anyway, we drove home & had a swim in the pool & I then cooked some of this ravioli & marinara sauce + garlic bread for dinner. 😋

After clearing dinner things away, we drove to Target at Rolling Oaks (as we were all itching to shop here!) - I love the massive size of their stores. DH isn’t a keen shopper, but tonight was quite happy as he managed to get his new iPod touch! Yay!
The kids bought various sweets & gifts for their friends (and themselves), and I managed to get an Oxo measuring cup.
(I’m hoping to get a few bits myself when we go to Mall of Millenia).
That’s all for tonight & tomorrow we’re off to Epcot.

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