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Hopefully the rain wonít be as bad tomorrow 🤞, itís all dry as far as Iím aware now in Rotherham, thereís only a handful of shops at parkgate still not open. Catcliffe flash and Treeton nearest to me all routes are open now but itís a right mess and boggy.Our local community centre is doing a collection of hints for people affected, we went to Poundland today and bought two big bags full of cleaning materials , bin bags , cleaning cloths etc etc , in 2007 when we flooded we received care packages from villagers in Boscastle who had been flooded years before, people who had been through similar heartbreaking situations.
Fingers crossed again the rain tomorrow is nowhere near as bad as last weeks x
Oh god is it forecast to be bad again? I havenít even looked.
Darent go to Parkgate yet in case I get stuck. Luckily our new house or old houses werenít anywhere near any flood but trying to get Home from donny to Worksop all the back routes it was terrible. Iím sticking to the motorways in hopes they never flood.

Feel sorry for the storyteller.

I could have sworn they had ďdone somethingĒ about the river to prevent this.

And didnít the swans get caught up in all it too ? Covered in oil or something
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