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Originally Posted by vampiress88 View Post
Oh god is it forecast to be bad again? I havenít even looked.
Darent go to Parkgate yet in case I get stuck. Luckily our new house or old houses werenít anywhere near any flood but trying to get Home from donny to Worksop all the back routes it was terrible. Iím sticking to the motorways in hopes they never flood.

Feel sorry for the storyteller.

I could have sworn they had ďdone somethingĒ about the river to prevent this.

And didnít the swans get caught up in all it too ? Covered in oil or something
It's raining now but nothing like this time last week but whether it gets worse or not I'm not sure, fingers crossed it doesn't for all those affected. I think most of Parkgate is open this morning now, we were up that way Tuesday evening for daughters swimming and everything was moving okay, the road leading to Parkgate wasn't cordoned off and cars were going along the road, I think a lot of the swans at back of home flair which flooded near Parkgate were displaced, we saw swans and ducks in our local park at weekend, we are quite near to cat liffe flash which flooded badly so I suppose a lot were moving about. A lot of money was spent on the defenses on the Don in Sheffield and it pretty much worked, there was a lot of flooding but not as much but it clearly impacted most on Doncaster further down the water course. I bet those poor souls are looking up to the skies today and praying it gets no worse xx
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