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We are on red alert today here in Doncaster as the heavy rain is due to start around about 9/10am this morning.
The rumours going around are that Fishlakeís flood waters were deliberately directed that way to avoid another 2007 repeat of the flooding in Tollbar in Doncaster. As Fishlake and itís surrounding area has not flooded in over 100 years and remembering what was said about the diversion of the flood water in 2007 away from other areas, at that time occupied by high up officials of Doncaster Council, Iím inclined to believe thereís a element of truth in these rumours, of course Doncaster Council and the Environment Agency wonít be taking any responsibility.
There was a lot said about this on local news yesterday, a lot of local residents gave Boris short shrift but to be fair tempers are frayed and some people lost everything. When we flooded in 2007 Prince Charles walked around our estate talking to residents, he was more well received that BoJo. We were told in 2007 it was a once in 100 year thing, my partners house also flooded before that in 2000, same house. We moved a few years back and that road dodged a bullet last week but only just, these predictions of once in a lifetime are clearly well off.
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