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Originally Posted by Megandllsmum View Post
There was a lot said about this on local news yesterday, a lot of local residents gave Boris short shrift but to be fair tempers are frayed and some people lost everything. When we flooded in 2007 Prince Charles walked around our estate talking to residents, he was more well received that BoJo. We were told in 2007 it was a once in 100 year thing, my partners house also flooded before that in 2000, same house. We moved a few years back and that road dodged a bullet last week but only just, these predictions of once in a lifetime are clearly well off.
Better received as he's not a politician I'd guess.

I live in the south so not much I or others down here can do to help, but if anyone who has flooded thinks we can, please shout. I'm guessing no postal or courier services right now to the main flooded areas, but I'm happy to send things to a nearby place for collecting.

A few Openreach exchanges have flooded too of course and I know the response teams are doing all they can to get them pumped out, dry and working again.

Best wishes to you all and please say if there is anything we can do.
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