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Originally Posted by macdonald View Post
How do you feel about next year Mr Tom?... Have you booked?..will you be happy with the current restrictions?...I am so on the fence..
I probably have a different view than most people but of course we are all different.

In my mind worrying is self destructive and gets nowhere so I like to have firm plans and take a chance. However I make sure that if my plans fall apart I am not out of pocket.

Due to losing 3 holidays in 2020 we are awash with Points for 2021 and as things stand we have just shy of 2000.

So we have already booked the following
10 days in March
28 days in May
28 days in Aug/Sept

Finally we are going in October for 3 weeks but are mulling over that date and is the Granddaughter coming with us.

Letting our Son have Points and doing an October booking will still leave us 100's of Points to Bank.

What will be will be and we will either stick to our plans or amend them.

Finally I feel Americans will ditch masks at the earliest opportunity. My view is they are a waste of time anyway.


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