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Day 5 Ė Magic Kingdom

We were off to see the castle today, love seeing it when you are on the ferry. I just canít wait to be back in September. For some reason I can only find breakfast and lunch pics today. I know we wouldnít have missed a meal but I must have forgot to take pics and canít remember where we ate now, sorry.
We started off the day at Gastons tavern, I hadnít tried a cinnamon roll there before so was excited to give it a whirl. Wow, I loved it a lot. Myself and Ben shared this, we asked for extra icing. The extra pot of icing just makes it even better, we both loved it but it really is huggeeeee. It was big enough that Wayne had a piece too. Tom didnít want anything, he had already had a poptart. Ben had too but he loves sweet stuff like me, so was happy to have a second breakfast lol Josh also had a second breakfast as he had started off with a Krispy Kreme and then got a chocolate croissant at Gastons. We will go back here this year as even though we wonít be on the dining plan it is a really good value snack considering the size of it.

For lunch we used a TS credit and went to Liberty Tree Tavern. I was really looking forward to this. I picked lunch time as the menu is more varied, on an evening you can only get the patriots platter which is kind of like a Sunday dinner but with mac and cheese, oh and no Yorkshires. I knew the kids would rather pick something else, so at lunch time you can also get pasta, burgers, fish and chips etc. They give you bread to start which were lovely, Tom especially loved the bread wherever we went. I went for the patriots platter, it was so much food! I loved it but felt bad leaving the amount I did. I would recommend it though, it was lovely. You get a salad to start then Turkey, pork and beef pot roast with mashed potatoes, stuffing, veg, mac and cheese, gravy and cranberry sauce. I got a glass of prosecco to drink, very nice. Unfortunately our server was non existent at this meal, I had to go searching for tomato sauce for Josh and to find him so I could order a second round of drinks.

Wayne got a bacon and cheese burger which he enjoyed, he also tried a bit of mine. He got a lager.

Josh and Ben got fish and chips, Ben had made me scrape off all the coleslaw as he didnít want it touching his fish and chips!

Tom got chicken mac and cheese, he really liked it

For dessert my platter comes with the ooey gooey toffee cake, this is the best dessert ever. I want to go back just for this! It really is so so delicious. Wayne got a cheese cake and Ben got strawberry sorbet with fruit.

We also got snacks whilst we were in MK, a mickey pretzel with cheese, nice but not a fan of the plastic cheese. A churro, this is just ok, nothing beats a fresh churro from Spain! Josh got another Joffreys doughnut and Ben got a mickey icecream lolly.

That's another day done, thanks for reading along
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