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Originally Posted by Liah123 View Post
That all sounds awesome! Our first park day has to be magic kingdom, but we have Epcot planned for a day before all the closures. Our fast passes went well, got all the big ones! My daughter is tall enough for everything now so I have booked them in the hopes that she has the courage!
I am a bit sad that I have nothing left to plan though!
I am well into my twenties and tall enough and will have to see if I have the courage to see if I can ride everything this time!

I've actually moved some stuff around since I last updated! We're now doing an extra Halloween party - on Friday the 13th! We were going to do Le Cellier this evening but obviously not anymore, so I've moved a couple of reservations around and although I am a little bit sad that we won't be doing a signature meal, we WILL be doing Hoop De Doo Revue instead and I'm very excited about it! My fiancee and I were both musical theatre students and this kind of show is VERY EXCITING to us!

I've also just managed to snag Galaxy's Edge reservations so we'll get to see that on our trip! We're building a droid and going to the Cantina and I am thrilled that I managed to get anything honestly!

I still have a spreadsheet I need to load everything into. The planning part of a Disney holiday is one of my favourite parts, so I'm glad I've still got at least a little bit left to do of it.

(I've also been very bad and bought two new pairs of Irregular Choice shoes for the trip. Both of us have been planning Disneybounds and themed outfits which I'm excited to post about when we get round to actually writing our trip report, and I couldn't resist the Lucifer and Gus pair for my Lucifer Disneybound and the Bo Peep and Woody pair for my Bo Peep Disneybound! I really don't know how I'm going to fit all of these shoes in my suitcase.)

Okay, I might have to only put them on for photos and character meets because they are heels, but look at them! They're so cute! I really need to stop buying new clothes and start saving for souvenirs. . .
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