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Just thought I would add ≈my bit.

We chickened out a few times before buying, it seemed such a lot of money. ≈I found the DIS boards and realised you could buy DVC resale. ≈We bought 380 points in Jan 98 for $52 a point! ≈Since then we have had 4 wonderful holidays, that we wouldn't have been able to afford. ≈One of them included a cruise on the Magic. ≈

Last October we took our friends with us and we all stayed in WLV followed by OKW. ≈They were blown away and are desperate to buy. ≈ They ≈are saving like mad to buy into BCV's and returning this October to buy them. ≈ I think once you have stayed at a luxuary resort in Disney, it is very hard to stay any where else. ≈

Saying that we are splitting our holiday this year and staying 4 nights in the new Royal Pacific Hotel. ≈Got a great rate of $139 at club level! ≈

We are planning a 7 night cruise in 2004, something that we would never have been able to afford with out DVC.
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