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Hey you two!

Kel - thanks It's nice to not be pregnant! Have to admit it would ruin things, as want a drink at the wedding and nothing will stop me going on rides on honeymoon. Ooh, that sounds so painful with your eye. I had the dye in today. The optometrist said she'd been wanting to use it for ages, but rarely has to lol. I had no idea you'd have laser eye surgery done! How was it? Have you had any problems with it? My eyes so barely need glasses that it wouldn't be any point for me. I only wear them for driving at night. How long ago did you have it? You might have mentioned it actually when we were talking about plastic surgery! We cover everything on here don't we?!
I was less bothered about putting the pets to sleep (for the reason you say - helps them if they are suffering) and more bothered about telling the owners because I would have cried. I cannot even read stories on here when people talking about losing their babies, as it upsets me too much. I had a lovely vet last time I had to have one of my babies PTS, Kuma. He was so nice and he did actually cry when he saw me saying goodbye to her. Am welling up now! She was a rescue who had been given up at the age of 6 when he owner got pregnant. She was completely fine and then I came down one day and Trinity was going over to her a lot, which was strange as Kuma was not social with the others. She was quite lifeless and it turned out to be kidney failure and I had to let her go really quickly so I would be terrible at telling people! Not little elegant tears, but full on sobs probably worse than the owners!
Aww it's nice that we want to work with animals if we win the lottery we'll have to set up a cats home together or something.
Not seen of heard any April's fools this morning. Is it 12 it's supposed to stop or the person doing the fool is the fool?

Nat - good idea with the preventative treatment. Vets are so expensive and you can find things cheaper online. I got a feliway plug in from the vet the other day, but they're a lot cheaper online, so will do that in future. You have a lot planned! We got engaged at Thorpe Park
Liz xx

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