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eat breath sleep disney tour

As you can see by my countdown I am nearly on my way,
I have kept diaries for each trip but never did anything with them. But this trip I have been waiting for since December 2014
It is also the only reason I am not throwing myself off a bridge at turning 40 this weekend..

I decided years ago that I wanted a final blow out at Disney, and this would be the ultimate experience staying onsite with disney dining but that needed serious cash so needed to be some time away.
i decided my 40th was the perfect time for this, Georgia (dd1) would be 18 a few weeks after my 40th and sure Hannah (dd2) would be 13 the month after that again.. its the perfect EXCUSE

this idea was in motion before the spur of the moment trip in December 2014 where it was made abundantly clear that DH HATES disney so during that trip i told him he can't come on this holiday, it would be ruined.

i decided i just couldn't be with a man who did not LOVE disney so i left him ah no disney was not the reason we are separated but we are a few years now

so it is just me and my two girls on our birthday trip with no disney haters, it will be awesome.

so a little history of how i managed to wait 5 years
well every year in April I would do a mock booking on the disney website of the hotels and dining plan.
from our visits and every now again dipping back in to Dibb and reading trip reports and keeping up news i had my adr list picked

I knew i wanted to go the 1st of June in order to be there for Hannah's 13th birthday and its the first year they would both be off school in june.

i decided on PORS after reading many trip reports and making sure this was a resort i would be able to afford and would throughly enjoy.

myself and my two girls and my friend and her kids went to DLP in Oct 2016 .. it was Meh.. never to be repeated.. this just made the wait to WDW feel even longer

discussions were had .. would you rather wait 3 years for florida or go to DLP every few years
eh there was no discussion needed the 3 of us decided we would not go to DLP unless we were passing by and it would be rude not to pop in.

so finally the 19th of April 2018 hit and i could book disney, but of course the school decided that DD2 confirmation should be on that day..

i actually dont know if i tried online but i have the recollection that it crashed
went to dibb they were saying call
so in the middle of the ceremony (2 hours long) off i go to the loo in the church with my phone to try and book the damn thing.. no luck can't get through on phone or on the website

finally after the service and the photoshoot we sit down for a break in a hotel before meeting with friends and family and its all hands on deck.. all phones on the go, one reloading the website and one on the phone.. well finally DD1 says.. Im in.. i nearly wet myself
two fold total excitement and oh ≈≈≈≈ this is a lot of money i am committing to spending

regardless of all that had transpired since the plan was hatched i was doing it..

a friend suggested the money might be better spent on legal representation for the divorce.. needless to say she got a slap and i barely talk to her

so the ORIGINAL plan was 7 nights
we'd been a few times, new what to expect, we could hit the ground running
but the disney had 14 days for the price of 7 on the tickets

a quick calculation showed me if i ditched one night in the hotel that pretty much covered the cost of a villa for the 2nd week..

I just knew i would be crying leaving knowing i had 7 days more access to the parks.. nope couldn't do it

so this is what we have
1st of June 6 nights on DDP (upgraded from QS)
in this beauty

i wont lie the first casts member that says "welcome home" may well be greeted by a lot of crying of pure joy that i actually pulled this holiday off and that we are there.

then its off to the villa for 7 nights
I cannot wait for this either as I am so excited to have a private pool and go shopping in publix and enjoy in abundance all my favourite american foods which btw are mainly total junk food
publix cookies
ben n jerrys chocolate therapy
publix hot chicken can't wait
1999 September Orlando Quality Inn
2010 June Highlands Reserve
2012 August Orange Tree
2014 Dec Clarion Inn LBV
2019 June POR and Formosa villa

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