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I'm sorry this is happening to you as I know from personal experience how upsetting this kind of cyber bullying can be!

There are plenty of cowards who happily hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard but actually they reveal an awful lot about themselves when they post these hateful things.

It makes you wonder what kind if people they are in the real world. Cowards is the word that immediately comes to mind.

It is a shame that the mods are not dealing with this but as already suggested take screen shots of everything posted (that's what I am doing) and copy all messages sent to the mods/admin, if it continues and you have kept everything you may have built up enough evidence for a harassment/stalking case and if the owners of the site fail to take any action they could possibly face some responsibility themselves.

These matters should be taken seriously as it is the only way will those responsible be called out for who they really are!

Again you have my sympathy!
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