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Day 3 - CBR, Outback Steakhouse and Sunshine Seasons

Today was our first offsite TS meal in 5 visits! Having the dining plan is plenty of food for us but when we took the decision not to upgrade our qsdp, I decided that we'd do a few oop meals as a compromise.

However, first was breakfast at the CBR food court. We used 3 qs credits between the four of us and used our resort mugs so swapped our drinks for snack credits. We had:
Me - Create your own yoghurt parfait - natural yoghurt with a choice of fillings/toppings. I had fresh raspberries and almond flakes. This was classed as a snack credit so replaced Andy's drink.
Andy - Bounty platter: scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, breakfast potatoes, French toast and a 'biscuit'.
Izzy - Pancakes with sausages and a pain au chocolat as her snack.
Brodie - Chocolate chip pancakes with sausages and a double chocolate chip muffin as his snack.

I had the POR version of the create your own yoghurt parfait regularly last year, and the yoghurt was really smooth and creamy. This one seemed coarser in texture, if that makes sense? Not sure if the two resorts use different yoghurt or if they've changed suppliers, but last year's was nicer. I gave this one a thorough stir to try and make it smoother and it seemed to help. It was tasty still and I ate it all. There's quite a variety of fillings/toppings that you can have, but I was happy with just raspberries and flaked almonds (I had walnuts at POR).

Andy enjoyed his breakfast but didn't touch the biscuit. I really don't get them at all. On the way out we saw a family all tucking in to biscuits and grey looking gravy - for breakfast! Bleugh! I do like the breakfast potatoes that Disney do, so pilfered a few of those from his plate.

Izzy was happy with her pancakes, but thought her sausages tasted smokey and she really hates any sort of smokey/BBQ flavour as it makes her feel sick (no Flame Tree BBQ for us - just walking past it makes her turn green). So, she passed them over to Andy who happily ate them. She only ate 3 of her 4 pancakes and I was given the other one

Brodie was fine with the sausages, and also only ate 3 pancakes, so I got one of those too! We both felt that they needed to find some way of dispersing the chocolate chips more evenly as they all seemed to collect in one area.

Lunch was at Outback Steakhouse near the Vineland Premium Outlets. I planned this in as I'd bought a Groupon for Escapology which was booked for 12.20pm, then we wanted to go to the disney outlet, so we had lunch in between. Plus, I'd read lots of good things about Outback on here. Before anyone asks, we didn't order the blooming onion. They brought out some warm bread and then we ordered:
Me: chicken, bacon and cheese quesadillas with house salad and honey and mustard dressing on the side so I could control the amount that went in the salad as I hate it when salads are swimming in dressing.
Andy: Classic tenderloin chopped steak: Our blend of tenderloin and chuck steak topped with sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and Cabernet sauce. Served with
homestyle mashed potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli. Cooked medium rare.
Izzy: Sirloin steak (medium rare) with grilled shrimp on the barbie, fries and broccoli: Our signature center-cut sirloin with Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie. Served with a signature potato and one freshly made side.
Brodie - Outback burger with broccoli: Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mustard. Add your choice of cheese: American, Swiss, Provolone or Cheddar. The only topping he had were lettuce and tomato.

A special mention also goes to the fresh strawberry lemonade that I ordered:
Real strawberries shaken with Country Style Lemonade and served iced cold.

Everything here was delicious and the service was great. Izzy declared the steak to be the best steak she's ever had. We'd happily go back there and can understand why it's so popular with dibbers. I did point out to Brodie that he's had 3 burgers in a row, so maybe we could find something different for dinner. We don't really have burgers at home, so I think he's trying to get his fill while we're here

We were in Epcot for dinner. I know that there are some great options in the World Showcase, but we were sticking to Future World for this visit for a few rides and a spot of pin trading. So, the only real option was Sunshine Seasons (the Electric Umbrella gets bad reviews, so we've never ventured there). There's a good variety at Sunshine Seasons - and no burgers! We had:
Me: Asian noodle salad with oak fired rotisserie chicken, cashew nuts and a side of sweet chilli dressing.
Andy: Mongolian beef and noodles.
Izzy and Brodie: Half oak fired rotisserie chicken with yellow rice.
For some reason I included drinks in 3 of these photos:

I love cashew nuts and sweet chilli dressing, so was very happy with mine. Andy's beef was tender with good flavour and a bit of heat. The children said the chicken was good, but not as good as the chicken at Wolfgang Puck Express.

Snacks today consisted of: a croissant, pack of pretzels, sugar cookie and chocolate chip cookie. These were all for Izzy and Brodie. I know the snacks we've had so far have been pretty standard, but I do have plans for them at the food booths at Epcot later in to the holiday

Tomorrow: Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom

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