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Day 5 - Hollywood Studios, CBR and maybe Rainforest Café

Day 5 isn't over yet, but thought I'd make a start on it whilst sat by the small pool in Jamaica at CBR. The plan for today was Hollywood Studios and dinner at RFC at Disney Springs. However, we're all feeling so stuffed after snacks and a very late (4pm) lunch so we're not sure whether we'll make it. If not, we'll go another day. I've got a Landry's card, so no adr fee to worry about

Breakfast was in our room again and looked like every other in room breakfast we've had:

I was gutted when Starring Rolls closed as thought it would mean the end to the fruit tart that I loved, however, I discovered that they still sell it across the road in the Trolley Car Café, aka Starbucks. So, we popped there for a snack and they let me swap 1QS credit for 3 snacks They also sell the much loved carrot cake cookie (RIP Writers Stop) at Sunset Sweets, so I mentioned that to Andy as he's a big carrot cake fan. Brodie just wanted an ice cream. So, we got:
Me: Fruit tart and largest sized double chocolate chip crème drink (my first ever Starbucks drink as I don't drink coffee) from the Trolley Car Café
Izzy: Lemon pound cake from the Trolley Car Café - that made up the 3 snacks for 1QS credit.
Andy: Carrot cake cookie (1 snack credit)
Brodie: Mickey ice cream sandwich (1 snack credit)

Izzy and Brodie had a nibble of theirs before I got the camera ready! My fruit tart was delicious, as it always is. I'm so pleased it's still available The drink was good too. From the description I was expecting it to be quite thick, creamy and sickly, but it wasn't at all. It was huge though so I shared it with Brodie. Andy enjoyed the carrot cake cookie, but did find it sickly due to the sheer size of it. He said that half the size would have been better. I did point out that he didn't have to eat it all, but he just looked at me like I was mad Izzy had tried the lemon cake last year, so was pleased to see it available and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Mickey ice cream sandwiches are scummy, so Brodie was a happy boy. We sat in the Starring Rolls seating area to eat it, and the children's history teacher sat at the table next to us! It really is a small world sometimes

A quick tip for those that like their free iced water - the Trolley Car Café (Starbucks) will do you large sized ones (the same size as their large drinks), but they also have a water dispenser and cups that anyone can help themselves to without needing to queue.

We'd planned lunch at Hollywood Studios, but we're still feeling quite full from our snacks when we were ready to leave, so we decided to have a late lunch at CBR.

We used our mugs for drinks and swapped the drinks for snacks. We ordered:
Me: Caribbean salad with chicken and a dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt Kind bar. The list of what's included in the Caribbean salad can be seen in the photo below.
Andy and Brodie: Large pizza - half just cheese and half pepperoni with a chocolate chip cookie and oats and raisin cookie.
Izzy: Pasta with Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken and a bread stick, with a croissant for her snack (sorry, no photo).

The salad was nothing special at all. The chicken was dry and tough and the heart of palm was odd. The nicest part was the orange segments and plantain chips. Again, it just really made me miss the create your own salad station at POR as I had many delicious salads from there last year. Izzy enjoyed her pasta again, but it just makes me think of the POR pasta which is far superior. While I'm comparing, the snack/dessert options are also better and more varied at POR. I'm hoping that the refurb of the CBR food court might bring it in line with POR, as at the moment I'm not overly impressed.

The best thing we got was the pizza which was huge and tasty. I had a couple of slices too. Even though the large pizza doesn't show on the CBR menu any more, they still do it if you ask. If 2 or more of you are planning on having pizza, then it's much better value to ask for this. The 'large pizza slice' on the menu is basically a quarter of a large pizza. So if 2 of you have the pizza slice' meal you'll use 2QS credits and basically get half a pizza. 2 credits will get you a whole large pizza if you ask. It includes 2 drinks, but we swapped them for cookies. No brainier as far as I'm concerned

So, it was around 5pm by the time we'd finished our late lunch, hence the reason why we might not make it to Rainforest Café tonight. I'll update with whatever we do decide to do though

Quick update - we didn't make it to Rainforest Café. Andy finished off the cold pizza, I ate my kind bar and we used 2 more snack credits on a croissant and tub of pineapple - sorry, no photos.

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