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Bankrupt again?! Day Eleven - Animal Kingdom, Yak & Yeti and Maggianos

We had a lazier start today, and breakfast at home, then ambled over to Animal Kingdom, just to soak up the relaxed atmosphere. On entering the park we came across this amazing tree lady called Divine, she was so graceful, we were transfixed for a while! Spot the lady...

Our first fastpass was for Kali River Rapids, I was there, all smugly ready with our rain ponchos bought at home, thinking how clever we were to do the ride but stay dry... we still got incredibly wet somehow!

George Bethany and Harry ran ahead afterwards to do single rider for Everest, while Terry and I sat in the old people section with our wet bottoms waiting for them!. If it didnt go backwards I would love this ride. Even Bethany said she felt bit sick afterwards. Hearing everyone scream is quite amusing though and it was nice to have a sit down.
Next was 'Its a Bugs Life', cute if you are little, but its a bit dated now. Was still good to do.
We were ready for some lunch now, and my Dibb planning had told me we had to eat at Yak and Yeti, I had even ordered a Landry card especially for the ocassion. It cost $25 to join but you get that credited to your card, and it gives you prioroty seating at certain places.

I had a bit of hassle getting my Landry card to arrive in the UK post, but I have to say it was so worth it, the regular wait time was an hour, and people were just walking away. We had no ADR but waited - two minutes. Result! Even better, I had a nice glass of Pinot Grigio, at lunchtime! Ooo. Daring. Look at me properly enjoying my holiday -

Bethany ordered a very healthy Green Tea, look at the lovely teapot -

We ordered Pork Pot Stickers and Firecracker Shrimp for starters, which were very tasty.

Then our main courses - we were going all out today. Bethany and I had Honey Chicken, with brown rice, and stir fried vegetables, oh yes, vegetables! My body is missing them. The boys had Kobe Burgers and Fries, and Terry just had more Firecracker Shrimp again. He hates chinese food. (And pasta, and rice, he is a potato heathen) When the food came out we were very impressed, it was hot, and oh so tasty! Especially the Honey Chicken, it was to die for. Even Harry agreed he preferred mine to his, so I had to share.

We ate with proper chopsticks, and the manager came over to make sure we were all happy - YES! If you havent tried this place, do it, and get a Landry card, we got money off the bill too which meant my wine was 'free' We left the park feeling full and happy, (again) and on the way out saw this lovely mummy duck with her babies! So sweet! 💜

Animal Kingdom is now my favourite park. Its like a lovely day at the Zoo. A whole flock of Parrots flew right over us as we walked through the park.

We had a nice cup of tea back at the house, then went down to the pool only to find it was closed due to risk of lightning. Terry suggested a stroll around the grounds, but after a few minutes I heard a huge thunder clap and got a bit hysterical and insisted we run for cover before we get killed by lightning!
Here are a couple more photos of our resort, its such a nice size, and beautifully landscaped, notice the lack of sun though...

Instead of swimming I had a lovely little 😴 nap.

Todays video is a little bit of footage of our lovely resort, taken from our balcony, I am getting quite good at this video link thingy! Its not a massively interesting clip, but my mum will like it! I love you mum! 💜 She is making us a shepherds pie for when we get home, thanks mum!

For dinner we went back to Maggianos, at Pointe Orlando on i-drive. Its on a busy road, with a lot of eateries, but worth the journey.

We had a booth again, and I started as I left off at lunch, with a nice glass of wine! House red this time mmm. More reasonable at $14 a large glass.

We had Calamari to start, with the lovely warm sourdough bread. Then I had Johnnys Carbonara, it was a posh version of spaghetti carbonara as we know it, with a poached egg on top. Very nice, but very filling! Bethany and Terry had filet mignon again, and George had pasta with meat sauce. Harry had a flatbread. We felt so full we didnt even order dessert! Think our stomachs are giving up on us!

We got back to the Marriott at around 9pm, and the kids decided to have a late swim, the pool was still lovely and warm.

Terry and I sat nearby at the firepit, and just chatted about our day. Now I am sitting with a decaff tea, and some dark chocolate milky way minis yummy. Step count 13,667. Tomorrow we have a free day, and dinner at the Flying Fish.

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