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Originally Posted by collybird View Post
The fruit tart looks gorgeous, it's very photogenic! Did they have some of the Starring Rolls cupcakes at Starbucks too?

It's a pity that the food court has disappointed, I think POR spoils us all! A real shame about the salad as it sounds tasty!
Sorry, not sure about the other cupcakes as my focus was solely on n the fruit tart once I'd spotted it. I'm planning on going back for another one though, so will see what sort of cupcake selection they have

Personally, I think all the QS food courts should be up to the standard of POR. We were happy with the POFQ one too, and even Artist's Palette at SSR was better for us than CBR. At least there are tasty options to be had in the parks and at Disney Springs

Originally Posted by darbs View Post
Loving reading along! How did you manage to get tickets for Ant & Dec on Saturday, will be great!
I applied to the Applause Store who manage the tickets for SNTA and was lucky enough to get chosen. Not really sure what to expect, but excited to be a part of it. The children love Ant and Dec and we haven't told them about it, so will be a great surprise for them

Originally Posted by Usababe View Post
Your doing a good job with this report! I'm enjoying it! The carrot cake cookie looks fab! Will def be trying one of those- do u know of anywhere else that sells them? I'm pleased you put on about the choc chip crime drink as I had seen that and wondered what it was like- so it's not a milkshake? Or is it? I never go into Starbucks either as I don't like coffee but this seem a nice alternative to fizzy drinks or water!
As far as I know, it's only available there, but I'm sure if any other dibbers have found it elsewhere, then they'll say. The chocolate crème is a milk shake but was more like a milkshake made with milk in consistency, rather than one made with ice cream. I think they use ice in it too, so maybe that made the difference. It was good though and will get another one when we go back

Originally Posted by sha9 View Post
Well done on the live report! I agree about POR food court compared to CBR after we visited last year. It's one of the things I'm looking forward to this year.
Thanks. Tbh, I think it's easier for me to do it this way rather than taking everything home and writing 2 weeks up then. We have some down time every day, so this is what I do in mine now. Enjoy POR

Originally Posted by DisneyDaffodil View Post
I love the look if the fruit tart and the Starbucks drink. The Ant and Dec show on Saturday should be great fun for you all. We are looking forward to watching it and remembering we were there this time last year 😊. Thanks for the tip about phoning to add our birthdays on our bookings for next year when we book our ADRs, another thank you we owe you.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday ☺
The fruit tart and drink were really good. Pleased that I've been able to help with your planning

Originally Posted by jobelly View Post
Enjoying reading and nice to put a face to the name!
If you're back in future world we ate at the Electric Umbrella and it was actually really good. The sausage and pepper sandwich was lovely but enormous!
Enjoy the rest of your time.
Thank you. Might give it another look sometime, although I think the rest of our planned Epcot visits are centred around World Showcase, so maybe next time we go back

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