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Day 9 - CBR, Hollywood Studios and snacking around Epcot

Thanks again for all the comments. I've tried to reply to as many as possible, but do have limited time as we're still on holiday, so sorry if I've missed you out. All comments are really appreciated though

There's lots of food today! We started off with breakfast at CBR, managing to get there before 11am today! We used our resort mugs for drinks again and ordered:
Me - pancakes with fresh fruit and pain au chocolat.
Andy - western omelette with breakfast potatoes and pain au chocolat.
Izzy - pancakes with fresh fruit and croissant.
Brodie - bounty platter with pain au chocolat.

The fresh strawberries and blueberries with the pancakes was really nice. The 'fruit' that comes as standard is some tinned strawberry compote creation, so you have to ask if you want fresh fruit. They get it from the create your own yoghurt parfait ingredients. Well worth asking though. Everything else was enjoyed by all and the pastries taken back to our room for a snack later on.

Next stop was Hollywood Studios. We didn't really have lunch as such, but I was craving a fruit tart so we had a snack pit stop instead. We ordered:
Me - fruit tart
Izzy - lemon cake
Brodie - large chocolate chip frappe
I used 1 QS credit to pay. Andy didn't want anything at that point although he did end up helping Izzy eat her cake and Brodie drink the frappe. The fruit tart was so good! I did also take photos of what else was on offer as I know people are looking out for their favourite Starting Rolls treats. Hopefully you'll be able to spot some of them.

Dinner was from World Showcase at Epcot. Izzy's obsessed with the chicken and crawfish dish at the food booth in France so we ordered 2 portions and a bottle of water for her using 1 QS credit. She refused to let me photograph them on the basis that I already have photos and she just wanted to tuck in!

We stayed in France and went to Les Halles Boulangerie where we ordered:
Me - crème brulee
Andy - Dinde BLT: Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Garlic Aioli with a strawberry smoothie
Izzy - plain baguette
Brodie - plain baguette and butter
I used 1 QS credit for Andy's BLT and smoothie, and 2 snack credits for the baguettes (they'd run out of whole baguettes so gave me 2 half baguettes instead) and crème brulee.

The crème brulee was really good for a mass produced QS one. The texture was lovely and creamy and the sugar on top cracked perfectly. I do miss the crème brulee from Wolfgang Puck Express, so it's nice to find one elsewhere. Andy's BLT was good, especially as they'd toasted it for him too. The baguettes were a hit, as fresh baguette always is

We then snacked our way around the world making good use of some of the snack credits we'd accumulated. Sorry, but comments on these will be brief as it's late and I'm ready for bed, but don't want to leave today half done.

Taste of Marrakesh:
Andy had the Merguez “Hot Dog” Sausage: Spicy Beef and Lamb with Satueed Onions and Green Peppers.

Thumbs up from Andy

Florida Fresh
Me - Carne Asada with Black Bean Cake and Cilantro Lime Sour Cream and Fresh-Squeezed Watermelon Juice

This was really tasty and something I'd have again. Despite loving watermelon, I wasn't keen on the drink as it had a funny after taste, so I wouldn't get that again.

The Smokehouse:
Me and Andy: Warm Chocolate Cake with Bourbon-Salted Caramel Sauce and Spiced Pecans.

I was a bit concerned that the spiced pecans on this would mean more cinnamon, but fortunately they were candied and sweet rather than spiced. You could taste the bourbon on the caramel sauce, but I found it left a banana taste in my mouth, so let Andy eat most if this after I'd picked the pecans out.

So sorry, but tiredness has got the better of me, so I'll finish this off tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay in finishing this day. We had a busy one today with Saturday Night Takeaway and then La Nouba. Back now, so I'll get yesterday finished and hopefully make a start on today.

Okay, so our next stop in the World Showcase was Primavera Kitchen in Italy. We used 1 snack credit and ordered:
Meatball Parmigiana: Hand-made Beef and Veal Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmigiana and Fresh Basil.

This was scrummy! It was a really good sized portion too. We all dug in to this and fought over them

Then it was on to Bauernmarkt in Germany. Andy used a snack credit and got:
Roasted Bratwurst with Curry Ketchup and Paprika-spiced Chips.

He wasn't keen on the sausage on its own, but liked it with the curry ketchup. He really liked the paprika crisps. Not one we'd get again though.

Our last 2 stops were in Showcase Plaza. First off, La Isla Fresca where we used 1QS credit and got:
Jamaican-braised Beef with Pigeon Pea Rice and Micro Cilantro.
Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer with Steamed Rice and Coconut Lime Sauce.
Bottle of water.

There are a couple of things missing from the photos - it was the end of the night and they'd run out of micro cilantro, which wasn't an issue. Then with the shrimp we asked them to leave off the coconut lime sauce as these were for Izzy.
I was so impressed with the beef. It was a big piece and the plastic knife went through it like it was butter. It was so tender! Izzy loved the shrimp, so much so that we used another snack credit and got a second portion for her. She was very amused by the fact that the CM serving us came from a place called Flippin.

Our final stop was The Berry Basket for the lamb chop. I used one snack credit:
Lamb chop with Quinoa Salad and Blackberry Gastrique

I had really been looking forward to this, but the blackberry gastrique was so sweet and tasted just like jam. They put loads of it on too. I ended up scraping as much off as I could and ate the lamb which was tender and full of flavour. I couldn't really eat too much of the quinoa salad though due to the jam. Next time I'll ask them to leave it off. I would be better with a scone and some cream

That's it for this day. Next up: Magic Kingdom and Rainforest Café

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