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Day 12 - Animal Kingdom, CBR and Disney Springs

This morning Andy and I left the children in bed and headed to Animal Kingdom for a few hours. We ate a couple of the pain au chocolat we had left for breakfast on the go. When the children woke up they had some Cheerios.

We had lunch at Animal Kingdom and tried the Harambe Market area. We used 2QS credits and got:
Me - Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice and papaya slaw with a watermelon lemonade drink.
Andy - Lamb and chicken gyro flatbread with black eyed bean salad and papaya slaw with a bottle of water.

The chicken tikka masala is nothing like we know it in the UK. However, it was really nicely flavoured and used thigh meat rather than breast, which I always find better in a curry. It wasn't particularly spicy or anything, just aromatic and tasty. The papaya slaw was refreshing and the watermelon lemonade was much better than the freshly squeezed watermelon juice that I got at one of the food booths in Epcot the other day. I'd definitely have this meal again if it stays on the menu. I didn't see anyone else with it at all - the corndog sausage seemed to be most popular, but I guess it's also the most familiar. I'm not sure chicken tikka masala is that well known over here. Andy really enjoyed his flatbread, but thinks it was just lamb rather than lamb and chicken. For me, it was more kebab meat, but he was happy with it. He also really liked the bean salad which he wasn't expecting as it's not generally his sort of thing. Overall, a big thumbs up from both of us. For dessert we used 1 snack credit and shared an elephant ear:

This was huge and tasty

The children got lunch from the CBR food court using 2QS credits. They got:
Izzy - plain pasta with chicken breast and a breadstick, with a pain au chocolat.
Brodie - burger and fries with a cookie.
The children took photos and sent them to me by Whatsapp. Need to give Brodie some lessons in how to photograph a burger!

Izzy had the pasta plain as said that the alfredo sauce hadn't been very nice last time - it was all bitty like it had split. She wasn't keen on the marinara sauce either as thought it tasted sweet. I don't understand how they can make such lovely sauces at POR and poor ones here. She was happy with some plain pasta though. Brodie enjoyed his burger.

I used a snack credit and picked up a snack of hummus and vegetables when we got back to CBR as I just fancied something raw and fresh:

Dinner was at Disney Springs. Izzy wanted to go to Wolfgang Puck Express for the chicken, but the rest of us really wanted to go back to Blaze. The WPE at Marketplace is a bit too far to get her a meal and bring it over to Blaze, but the WPE at Westside was only a few minutes walk and they do the chicken So, Izzy and I headed there and used 1QS credit to get her:
Rotisserie chicken with mash potatoes and a bottle of Minute Maid orange juice.
We then went back to Blaze and used 2QS credits to order:
Brodie - plain cheese and tomato pizza with a fountain drink.
Me and Andy - pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, spinach, mushrooms, onion, red and green peppers, courgette and garlic, with a fountain drink.
We were sharing the 2 pizzas between the 3 of use and found that they gave us 4 good sized slices each.

These were soooo good! Much better than the pizza at WPE as you can completely customise them and add as many toppings as you like. Now we know we can get Izzy either a burger or chicken nearby, then I think it will become a regular haunt for us on future trips
Izzy forgot to take a photo before she tucked in to hers, so I've borrowed an image from Google:

She had the takeaway version, but still the same food. They don't do fries at the WPE at Westside, so she had the mash which she was surprised that she enjoyed. She said it made a nice change from fries

For a sweet treat afterwards, Brodie and I were on the quest to get a cookies and cream ice cream so headed to Ghirardelli's. Izzy and Andy headed to the Joffrey's smoothie booth. We used 4 snack credits and got:
Me - single scoop cookies and cream ice cream in a waffle cone.
Brodie - single scoop cookies and cream ice cream in a waffle cone.
Andy - purple pinata smoothie: apple juice, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, yogurt.
Izzy - mango tango smoothie: passion fruit juice, pineapples, mango, peach, coconut cream, yogurt.
They forgot to take photos, so again, these are courtesy of Google.

They both said these were delicious and a definite thing to add to the snack list for future visits.
Brodie and I got these beauties:

And due to a mistake with our order, we also got this cookie dough one for free which we gave to Andy (Izzy's not really an ice cream fan).

These were all delicious, but huge! Not quite sure how people manage a double scoop as a single one was a meal in itself. I'm pleased we shared pizzas so we had a bit of space for them. Also, in previous years, Brodie and I have found cookies and cream ice cream everywhere, but this year we have only really come across soft serve in the parks (apart from Plaza ice cream and L'artisans des Glaces who don't currently have cookies and cream). Not sure if something has changed over the past year or so?

That's it for food today. Tomorrow's plan includes a trip to POR, so looking forward to that

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