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Eating disorder - DD admitted to Priory - latest post 23rd December

My dd17 has always been tall and very slim.
However she has been intentionally eating less over the last 12 months ( we didn't realise until recently it was intentional , she has always had a small appetite ) .
It may sound daft but we didn't realise how much she had lost.
She is now 6 stone / 38 kilo and has a bmi of 12.
She has been under the local CAMHS service for 3 months but only about a month ago did we realise her issues were largely being caused by her weight and equally didn't realise how dangerously low her weight was.
She is not anorexic in the traditional sense , no body image issues , and now realises the error of her ways and really wants to put weight on.
But she is struggling to eat enough due to the size of her stomach.
She is trying to stick to a new meal/ snack plan which she does reasonably well - the result is that her weight has stabilised but it needs to go up.
We have a meeting set up with CAMHS at which we believe if no progress has been made , she will be offered to become an outpatient at either the priory in altrincham of galaxy house at the Manchester children's hospital.
If her weight has dropped , she might have to become an inpatient, but not sure where that might be
Does any one have any experience with any of these units , or any other advice ?

Thanks for reading

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