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Originally Posted by SquishTheWhale View Post
Lol! We have seen a house we love and are going to put in an offer. In fact we loved two, but one was larger and had a cloakroom which is a big must for us so it was the more sensible choice.

My mum thinks we are rushing it a bit, but if we love the house and its in budget then why not? Also she doesn't know I'm pregnant as I'm only 11 weeks, so she doesn't know we are keen to be sorted as soon as possible!

The only issue with this house is it has a small flat roof single story extension which I know can cause issues. So we are prepared the survey might turn up some nasties. However its a fairly modern one and the house was sold 2 years ago with it on so it can't have been a big issue then.
Oooh exciting! So, here are my new questions then ...
1. Why are they moving after just 2 years?
2. As it's such a short period of time, they may still have their own survey notes for the flat roof.
3. Maybe ask a builder to accompany you and get a rough cost on making it into a pitched roof, or something other than a flat one.
4. Get a ladder and check that roof!

That's all for now! Good luck
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