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Bankrupt again?! Day Fourteen - IHOP, Typhoon Lagoon, Cirque du Soleil & Boathouse

So guess where we went this morning for breakfast...
IHOP! Yes, again. Our server today was a quirky lady called Susan, she called us Hunny Bunny which we all loved, and said she does cat rescue here in Orlando. (I left her an extra large tip for the cats) She even had pink bunny rabbit earrings in, for easter.

George and Bethany had the usual, Chicken and Waffles... look how lovey dovey they are even at breakfast. 💜 Am not sure if this is love for each other, or for Chicken and Waffles!

I had bacon, eggs over medium, has browns, and pancake, with syrup, I think I need syrup on literally everything I eat from now on.

Harry had Banana chocolate crepe, and Terry had sausages, eggs and hash browns with toast. No photo of Terry he was a little camera shy today. (grumpy)

We have decided that IHOP is our favourite for breakfast, even though Kekes was more upmarket, we prefer the vibe and food at IHOP. They have great serving staff too, all of them characters. We go to the one at Vinelands. Its right near Disney.

After breakfast we went to Typhoon Lagoon, just two miles away, and set up camp again near Typhoon Tillys Snack Shack. The sun was out, but the air felt cold today for some reason, and the water even colder, so we didnt actually swim much in the end, we just lay in the sun and let our food digest.

I did take a little video of the big WAVE - wait for it...

On the way back to our resort, we saw a HUGE cloud of smoke on the horizon, we quickly scanned the radio channels for news, and it was a massive bush fire just off the I4. I got a couple of photos, from the car.

The fire didnt feature very heavily on the news, the headline news was about Trump bombing Syria, which was a bit of a reality shock for us as we have been in a lovely little Disney bubble for two weeks.

At home we were going to have a nice cup of tea, but then we discovered we are down to just five PG tea bags! Uh-oh... that wont help Mr French cheer up! He loves his PG tips. So I did the dutiful thing and had a glass of wine instead -

When George and Bethany were showered and ready, we headed off for Disney Springs, first stop for me, World of Disney store!

They literally sell everything in here, from all over the parks, as I entered I saw this rather (scary looking) Belle doll. Would you want this in your home?

And lots of other Disney stuff, toys, mugs, (I snuck another one in) homewares, christmas stuff...

Bethany paid one last visit to Sephora, I think she now has just about everything they stock, and might need make up rehab when we get home! Its a shame we dont have it in the UK.
Then the boys needed a snack before the show, so this happened - at least Terry looks a bit happier!

It was finally time for La Nouba, and we all went inside the big white dome. George and Harry really didnt know what it was, and didnt look very interested, but they loved it, and we all agreed it was an amazing show, so worth the money! We had the 21 Thomson bargain tickets as discovered here on the Dibb, and our seats were in block 101 row F. There are NO bad seats here, this theatre is designed especially for this show, and its a fantastic view from anywhere. I couldnt take my own video or photos as it is strictly forbidden for the safety of the performers, but the acrobats were incredible and we all left on a real high.

These photos and promo video are from the internet, our favourite performers were the chinese yoyo girls, they were absolutely brilliant and so cute!

After the show the kids wanted to go into Disney Quest, which is closing down soon, so Terry and I went for dinner alone, for the first time this holiday! We went to the Boathouse...

They have Amphicars here, that launch into the water, which looks fun, but expensive.

We went inside, and noticed that the booths here were boats! No booth for us tonight though, we were having dinner for two, and we had a nice quiet table in a conservatory overlooking the water, it was lovely. The food was very good, Terry had a warm lobster roll, I had plank salmon, and we shared truffle fries. I ate these for what felt like half an hour, and it still didnt look touched it was such a huge portion! They were to die for. I also had a couple of glasses of wine.

After a really lovely meal, we went to find the kids, and then did a bit more shopping on the way out, Tommy Bahama for Terry, (I got a candle and a soap there too, they smell amazing) Zara for Harry and Bethany, then a cheeky Mcdonalds on the way home for George! I am now home and tucking into Red Velvet cheesecake, from yesterday, but its not half as good as the Raspberry white chocolate one so am not bothering to finish it, not worth the calories! Tomorrow is our last whole day we are RESTING. Goodnight!

Step count today 10,000

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