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Take A Look Through My Eyes. Day 7, Epcot, Garden Grill And Ye Haa Bob. 5th Sep 2019.

Up and out this morning for an 8:15 ADR at Garden Grill, arrived at Epcot just before 8 so I managed to jump on Soarin' first. Nearly used the wrong seatbelt oops! John won't ride it due to his motion sickness, it's not worth the risk.
Checked in at the Garden Grill and given a buzzer which went off about 30 seconds after it was handed to us! We were seated on the outside which was nice and we very slowly rotated around living with the land. Our server was lovely and explained everything to us before going off to get coffee, orange juice, Chip's sticky bun and fruit. Is there a grape shortage at Disney? I'm sure I counted three!

I think I would have been happy if I had just been left alone with this, had to stop eating it though as the skillet was then delivered to the table...

Are another four people joining us? How are we expected to eat all of this, our server proceeded to tell us that it was an 'eat all you want' so we should let her know if we wanted the skillet refilled! Has anyone actually managed to eat all of this?

Chip came around to say hello, I only know it's Chip as he indicated that he had made the sticky bun, I told him how lovely it was. I suppose it could have been Dale trying to take all the credit, I am none the wiser 😂 Next up was Mickey, fresh off the farm, followed by Pluto who snuck up without us noticing. No sign of Dale... or was it Chip? We ate as much as we could without making ourselves feel ill.

For the first time ever we rode Figment, this was just odd, the music does stick annoyingly in your head. I know it has a big following so maybe I need to ride it some more 'til I get it... maybe later.

Test Track next. Did I mention I love this ride! Some strange faces were pulled 😂

We then decided to be different and walk in an anti-clockwise direction around world showcase 😊 It wasn't quite 11am so everywhere was looking quiet. The heat at this point was ridiculous and was in the high 90's.

The problem with having a large breakfast is that it's a struggle to drink enough water to keep you hydrated as you are so full still from breakfast! We sat in the shade for a while and made a plan. We would only stay in Epcot for the morning and then go back and spend the even hotter afternoon in the pool, sounds like a good plan to me. So the dent we had planned to make in the snack credits at Epcot once again fell by the wayside.

First of all though we would go and cool off in France by watching the Impressions de France film. 20 minutes with air conditioning won me over.
Has anyone seen this film? Its very quaint but if they are trying to attract tourists then they really need to update it, it was like a very old-fashioned 70's travel show with grainy film. Even the food shown in the film has the prices in Francs 😂
The music was relaxing, so relaxing I almost nodded off.
We headed back to AKL at midday and didn't get out of the pool 'til 4!

The plan was to go and see Ye Haa Bob tonight at the River Roost Lounge at PO Riverside, so we decided to go via Disney Springs and take a relaxing boat journey. Has anyone noticed that the manhole covers at DS have mickeys on them?

Had a mooch around the shops for a bit then hopped on the boat to take us to POR via the Sassagoula river, by now we were feeling hungry as it was nearly 5pm and we hadn't eaten since our mega breakfast at 8am. We had a QS burger and proper chips from the Riverside Mill, it was very tasty.
We explored the resort for a while then went off to the River Roost lounge.

We highly recommend a visit here if you get the chance, the service and the atmosphere were perfect, the waiter was so attentive and had time to chat with us, he kept trying to convince us to try the Hummingbird cake as I had mentioned that I wanted to try the beignet from the French Quarter.
We declined (at this point), but he kept me supplied with Pina Colavas all evening, these are delicious! I would drink these all day long if I could...

Ye Haa Bob is on stage about 8:30 but spends some time mingling with his audience prior to going on stage, I think we were lucky as I'm told it can get really busy in here, but following Dorian it was still pretty quiet. Everyone is involved in the show and he puts his own twist on Disney classics and other well known songs, he convinced all the men in the audience to go to the front of the stage and then had them all singing and dancing to YMCA!
We finally succumbed to ordering the Hummingbird cake, I said that we would share a piece,
'can we have two forks please?'
He smiled and said: 'no problem'

Woah! Now this cake was huge! We had no warning, I don't think that you can see the immensity of this giant slab of cake from this photo, it was the size of a baby's head, the plate it's sitting on is a dinner plate! I don't know about two forks, I think six would have been better! It was divine and was soaked in Rum.

Meanwhile Bob is still carrying out his act on stage even though everyone is staring at us and the half a bakery sitting on our table, earlier in the evening he had told us that he was going to ask new arrivals where they where from, regardless of their answer Bob would ask who else in the room was from *insert Country /state/city here* and we would all cheer as we were also from *insert Country /state/city here*. You should have seen the look of shock on faces before the realisation set in, simple but hilarious!
We left around 11.30 with approximately 6lb of cake in a box and took the boat back to DS and then a bus back to AKL, bed at 12:40, both of us were shattered!

18,518 steps today, and if you are interested, the cake took three days to eat! Typhoon lagoon tomorrow as the forecast is hot, hot, hot, and the evening at AK, so we can have a bit of a lay in.

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