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Excited about Disney
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A Princess Wedding - planning report

I've been umming and uhhing about writing a wedding planning report on DIBB, especially since I've been taking a break from here, but I'm really excited and so here goes.

I last left off on out pre-trip report which you can find here . Unfortunately, I had a little falling out with the DIBB admin so I didn't end up completing my report. Which is a shame... BECAUSE MY BOYFRIEND PROPOSED TO ME ON THIS TRIP.

I'm Emma, 26 and I'm a website administrator. I also have a hobby of making extra money and blogging about it, and in the last 18 months my blog has exploded over the internet. In fact, I found out yesterday that I'm number 20 on the top UK finance bloggers list. Amazing! It makes up a big part of my life so I'm always looking for a bargain.

Tony is my lovely fiancé, 28 years old. He works in a supermarket (for now) but has dreams of becoming a YouTube star. He loves gaming, anime, manga and horror films. Tony's work situation hasn't changed since our pre-trip report (he didn't want to risk getting a new job and it not working out and then not being able to afford the wedding). I get home at 6.15ish, he leaves for work an hour and a quarter later. Then he gets home at 8.15am and I leave for work at 8.45am. We don't even get weekends together. Which absolutely sucks. He's recently secured every 2nd Saturday off, so at least we have some normalcy and time to meet wedding suppliers, etc.

Matching "Cats riding bacon" t-shirts

When I wrote the previous pre-trip report, I mentioned that we aren't really adults, and that is still true today. I mentioned that "we built a fort in our living room, then proceeded to stay in it all day watching cartoons, eating yummy food, playing games and we even liked it so much that we slept in it. I run around the house after poor little cat shouting "KITTEN! " and trying to catch her. When we wake up, we try to see who can make the best baby dinosaur noise. Every single orca is called Shamu." Every part of this is still true today, including the fort building.

Tony and I met in sixth form, 10 years ago. We dated a bit, lost touch, got back in touch, fell in love and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The proposal:
On the first day we set off for Disney's Magic Kingdom, and spent the morning feeling as though we were literally in a magical land. We went on rides, had delicious snacks and enjoyed the sunshine. We settled down to watch a parade, when Tony excused himself (I assumed for the bathroom). He came back a few moments later and we watched the end of the parade together.

Moments before the proposal

We wandered around the outside of Cinderella's Castle, where we went to have our photo taken by one of the Disney photographers. We were posing in our usual stance, when the photographer made a gesture to Tony. I looked at him only to find him not there, but rather, down on one knee with the ring box opened.

Time seemed to stand still - Tony couldn't get his words out and looked as though he was going to cry, whereas I was so excited to get the ring on and had a goofy smile on my face.

The photographer snapped away, and once we were done, he handed us our special "Just Engaged" Disney badges, that ensured lots of congratulations from Disney staff, as well as a few cheeky freebies to congratulate us.

Afterwards, we had a lunch reservation inside Cinderella's Castle, to meet all the princesses. They each made a big deal out of the engagement, and Jasmine even offered me the name of a good Prince Training School that she sent Aladdin to.

For the final course, Tony had also surprised me with a specialty dessert - Cinderella's slipper made out of white chocolate, filled with chocolate mousse, and a personal inscription on the edge of the plate that read "Our magic will last forever".

It was the most perfect day, and being on the first day of the holiday really let us live in a bubble of Disney magic for three weeks. I also love that Tony got the photographer involved, meaning that we have those photos forever. He then surprised me again with an engagement photo shoot with Randy Chapman!

We had over 600 photos in total, a selection of which you can see here

Up next: The wedding
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Excited about Disney
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Deciding where to get married was a really, really tough decision. Like so many of you will know, choosing between Florida and home is difficult. Even now I wonder if we have made the right decision. It also pains me to admit that our UK wedding costs more than if we paid for 10 people to fly to Florida with us, and paid for their accommodation AND paid for the wedding. But we have made our decision - neither option would have been perfect, so we made a decision and stuck to it.

We already knew exactly what our UK wedding venue would be - Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire - chippenhamparkevents/

The Lakehouse where we will be getting married

Decision made to get married in the UK, Chippenham Park was booked.


May. It had to be May. I lost my Mum back in 2007 on 27th May, and every single year I get really depressed in May. I always knew that I would choose to get married in May so that the month turned into a happy one. We also knew it had to be 2015 because paying for a wedding in 6 months at that venue was just not possible.

Choosing the actual date was harder though. A weekend wedding doubled the cost, the 27th fell on a Wednesday and we just weren't too sure. We eventually settled on 28th May - a Thursday and thankfully half term. After booking the wedding, paying a deposit and talking to Tony's family... we'd only gone and booked our wedding on the same day as his sister's wedding anniversary. D'oh.

And the theme is...

We both love the Disney film Up, and had some brilliant ideas to turn our wedding into an Up themed wedding. Whilst out there (Black Friday sales!) I scoured stores for anything and everything we could use.

One day, Tony came up with the suggestion of having a Disney princess theme, where each table is a different Disney princess.

Yep - sold.

We have our tables in order of preference - that way, if there are many people who can't attend (it is a Thursday wedding, so we understand) then we can knock off the last few tables.

1. Beauty and the Beast - our table
2. Anna and Elsa
3. Ariel
4. Mulan
5. Jasmine
6. Cinderella
7. Snow White

This was a tough one. We wanted a caricature artist, but my nephew had one at his wedding last year. In the end we have decided on:
  • Lawn games for the drinks reception
  • Disco
  • Giggle booth photo booth

I have lots, lots more to update, but I would rather show you the cool things we've already bought!

The honeymoon

Of course there would be no doubt as to where we would be honeymooning. FLORIDA! Our plan was to spend a few nights after the wedding at a very lovely country estate and then go to Orlando in October, with a 7 night Disney cruise. We did a 3 night Disney Cruise on the trip where Tony proposed and it was amazing, the best time ever. Everything was amazing - the food, Castaway Cay, Disney films on demand, entertainment and just everything.

We chose October because of the temperature, Halloween and because the cruise is £1,000 cheaper than going after the wedding. But then Virgin had a sale on the flights and I managed to get each way in the £100s for 30 May - mid June. I spent a good 24 hours debating this. The Disney cruise was now a massive £1,300 more, BUT the dream hotel, Grand Floridian, had a price down from £4,800 to £1,200. I know, I know - amazing. Whilst I'm not very impressed with the rooms at GF, I'm sure you can all appreciate what the location means. Especially as Tony doesn't drive and we have stayed in villas before. Whilst I'm not a big drinker, it would be nice to indulge.

So we have decided to forgo the cruise and look at Disney hotels for part of our stay.

I think I'll leave it there for today
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Your plans sound amazing Emma! Looking forward to reading more! A perfect proposal & photoshoot too, Tony did well! x

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SPN Clann
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Sounds great Love hearing other brides' plans!
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Great wedding plans I love the table theme
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Excited about Disney
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Sorry for the delay in updating, things have been so busy!

We have finalised our table decorations:

I have this collection of Disney showcase princesses, and they look a lot nicer than all the toys I was finding everywhere else. So I came up with a brilliant idea, which is:

This is just a mock up, with a couple of changes. Firstly, the vase with the table name is going to go on the cake stand behind the ornaments, with some kind of white/silver sand to weigh it down. Obviously snow white is the wrong princess for this table, but I didn't have an Anna/Elsa card to hand (got one now). The heart confetti was made using a Frozen book, as is the case for each princess. We've got all the cake stands and statues, we just need some sand type thing to fill the smaller vases, and a Rapunzel card made/found.

As for the food...oh my word. We met with our wedding caterers last month, and I'll let the pictures do the talking:


Missing the mains BBQ with lots of selections

I also spent a few evenings making our wedding favours, and I am absolutely in love with them:

We've chosen our readings and vows, booked a taxi for after the wedding to the hotel. I've also had my first dress fitting - the dress needed taking in, so they reckon it'll be ready quite soon for me

Now...about the honeymoon. Pre-trip report or just added into this planning thread? Hm.
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Wow the food looks amazing! Not long now
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Very Serious Dibber
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Every thing looks lovely x
Hope you have a wonderful day x

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Excited about Disney
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Aw lovely engagement pics and I hope you do a report of the Disneymoon, would love to read it.

Hope you have a wonderful wedding day x
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What fabulous ideas you have for your wedding, loving your updates.
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