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I am not a shopaholic
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Our Wedding, Shopping,Park Hopping Trip Day 7: Its the one with the Wedding

the previous day is HERE

WARNING - this is a photo heavy day !

Tuesday 18 November – our Wedding at the Eternally Yours Chapel in Gotha and Dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse

Its been a few days since we had a ditty , here is today’s ( to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Wedding Bells, they will be ringing,
And the cold, it will be stinging
What a wonderful day
Let’s get lost along the way
Talking ‘bout a wedding Dibber style
On the Boardwalk it will be freezing
And your dress, will be revealing
What a wonderful day
Shoes get stuck along the way
Talking ‘bout a wedding, Dibber style
Ah, I could go on but I think that sets the tone for the day !

So, its here , our big day. After 12 years of being together, we will finally get married.

Gloomy grey skies greeted us and the forecast assured us today was set to be intermittently wet and/or arctic. Fab.

I tried really hard not to let this totally ruin the day before it had started

We were up about at 6am making sure that everything was all ready before we set off for our 7.40 ADR at Captains Grille. We thought we best have breakfast as we didnt know how the rest of the day would go !

You can either go for the breakfast buffet or pick something from the menu . I wasnt feeling hugely hungry so opted for the strawberry brioche toast - which came with two sausages ( not sure it quite worked as a combo for me ) , the toast was lovely and sweet and perfect for me

This was $11.99 from the menu

Andy went for the buffet at $18.99 - he said there was loads of choice - it was quite busy though so he didnt take any pics of the buffet selection itself ( v poor effort on his part , tsk, tsk) . he said there were cereals and pastries as well as the hot food.

He had a frittata and those crispy hash browns along with sausage and bacon.

We had orange juice and coffee

It was charged to our room and charged back to my UK mastercard so it came out at £29 by the time we got back home . The food bill was just under $39 before the tip. Compared to somewhere like Perkins I think it was pricey but it suited what we needed for the day .
The server also brought us some congratulations balloons which was a lovely touch

I am glad we went early, It was very busy when we left around 0815 - maybe the effect of the bad weather encouraging everyone to stay local - it seemed the same at dinner that evening.

We were back up at the room for 8.15 and I just had time to put out our cards and to read the lovely messages from fellow Dibbers. We were really touched .

The lovely Bianca from Beaute arrived at 8.30 on the dot.

She was absolutely brilliant and the time passed very quickly as we were chatting away.

After about an hour and a half I am all done.

So its now around 10 and that leaves us an hour to get ourselves ready and be down in the lobby for 11 to be picked up by our limo.

It has stopped raining by now but so grey and overcast which was such a shame. I had so wanted blue skies and sunshine.

Finally we are ready and I am so paranoid about having a wardrobe failure that I asked Andy to make sure the dress was laced up really tight – this was in hindsight to be a complete error as slighter looser would have been better.

It was quite weird walking down the corridor together in our wedding outfits but it was lovely that so many people stopped to wish us well.

We get to the lobby and I realise I have left my bouquet so Andy has to whizz back upstairs to get it and when he returns a lovely CM takes a piccie for us

All dressed up an nowhere to go !

Re united with the bouquet

On arriving outside we are told our limo has gone to the Beach Club but a quick call and he is soon back, rolling out the red carpet and we are on our way with me bumping my head as I get in

There are a few spots of rain as we are travelling but not too much.

Andy wondered if the limo would be mobbed by hordes of screaming teens , thinking it might be OneDirection on the move as they were all over the news with their visit to Universal. Alas for him,not to be.

We had given the details of the venue on our car booking but it seemed much further than we had expected – and as we passed the same places for the second time we realised that we had in fact gone in a complete circle around Gotha.

We are now about 15 minutes late but finally pull up to the little chapel after negotiating quite a narrow single track road to get there
It was a really rustic setting.

Im just relieved we made it !

Marcia comes to greet us and says she had been trying to call us and that they were getting worried we were going to be a no show !

She opens up the chapel

and its very cold so she kindly sorts out some heating – by the time the service was over it was definitely warmer. Andy sorts out the paperwork and we meet Rev’d Tom .

The Chapel is decked out in Fall colours which work really well with our orange accessories.

This is my “ queen Victoria” pose –I seem to do it a lot, I don’t know why

We decide to walk up the aisle together – Marcia was busy snapping away during the service

The words in the service were based around The Art of a Good marriage by Wilfrid Arlan Peterson – the additional wording to the original was very pertinent and there were several points in the service when I thought I was going to cry . Tom spoke them with such sincerity and they had such resonance for some of the ups and downs that we have had over the years. It was incredibly personal and very moving

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I am not a shopaholic
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Then it was time for the sandblending and we were a bit hopeless – no pattern to it at all – I made some comment that Andy had to have the last word by pouring in the last sand and he retorted that I had gone racing ahead – so situation normal there then ! We did have a chuckle.

That sand though in the jar – its blooming heavy and was to prove a bit of a nightmare in terms of getting it into the handluggage – we hadn’t really thought about that beforehand.

And a kiss to seal the deal !

We were both really so happy – it had been a perfect service and we had enjoyed every minute of it. I hadn’t expected to be quite so emotional and I was pleased we had gone for a service rather than in the courthouse. It just made it feel a bit more special.

Marcia then took more photos

Apparently I am absolutely not to post this following pic on any social media site, ever – so I wont tell him if you don’t … Cant see the problem myself …..

We then popped out for some pics by the lake and the bell tower

I just started to put some into black and white – Im really pleased with them so need to do a few more I think

Andy couldn’t resist ringing the bell

And then it was time for us to be on our way as Mr & Mrs

Marcia gave us a lovely gift bag that contained the words to the service with a presentation certificate, a framed poem, a small plaque , good luck message and the sand jar. Really lovely touches

Couldn’t resist showing off the new bling on the way home

Look how dark the skies are ( never mind the groom !) - its only 1pm .

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I am not a shopaholic
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All too soon we are back at the Yacht Club and we are given a lovely welcome by the CMs and passing guests . Andy settles the bill with the driver and we spend a bit of time in the lobby facetiming home so that we can speak to parents and children while we are still in our wedding outfits and we can show them some of the hotel. We had given them a rough idea of what time we would be calling and it all worked out well, the power of technology in these circumstances is a wonderful thing .

Parents were really happy and pleased, kids were wildly enthusiastic, no sorry, that’s a typo, I meant, wildly UN enthusiastic and as we finish the call we are completely convinced that coming away on our own has been the right idea as the teen boys are definitely not “into it”

So, what to do now – it’s a bit odd, the service is over , we now married , there is no reception or guests and it’s so cold that the original plan of a nice meander along the boardwalk isn’t very appealing.

We decide to put all our stuff upstairs in the room and have a quick coffee to warm up in the Club lounge – we didn’t stick out at all . It was slightly surreal but I was very grateful for the warm coffee and white chocolate pretzels and cookies that were on offer .

I was really hankering after some photos on the Boardwalk even though it was so cold, after all , it’s not like we will be dressing up again like this another day. So in fairness Andy agrees that we should set off for a few pics.

Maybe I should have settled for the ones we already had – of course I hadn’t seen them at that stage and I was worried that if they weren’t ok, we wouldn’t have any of the day.

As it turned out, the service pics were lovely, ours were frankly pretty awful.

Andy favours “ natural” shots – so this mostly meant shots of the back of my head, or out of focus or with random things in the way.

I tried some artsy shots and they were a miserable fail

A few people stopped and took some of both of us which was lovely.

I am pleased we had some pics but as it got colder, the smiles got a bit thinner and by the time we got back to the hotel, I think the novelty had worn off.

Anyhoo, undeterred by the continuing polar conditions and people passing us in coats, gloves, scarves, hats and the pop up sales vendors of portable igloos, we set off .

Then I discovered that fine thin heels and the wide slats in the Boardwalk are not a good mix

These are not pics of me smiling inanely , they are me saying – Im bleddy stuck in a slat

And this one is saying “ I’m snagged on a naffing rose bush, put the camera down and get me out”

Nice pavement

Catalogue man does weddings too

Nice pavement ….. sigh ……………

These shots always look so much better when Randy Chapman does them !

We stopped briefly at the Board walk bakery – I was once again faced with an overwhelming choice of delicious goodies and I picked a cannoli based on the couple I had the other day.

Dear me, what a duff pick that was, All those lush cupcakes and I picked possibly the driest pastry they had. Very disappointing.

By now, it just wasn’t fun – it was very cold and I was becoming paranoid about my wardrobe disaster.

All that getting stuck in the slats meant that I had inadvertently stood on the front of my dress trying to get out , which meant I had now gone all Barbara Windsor and definitely had more shop front on display than Judy Finnegan at an awards show.

Remember how tight the dress had been laced ? Well that meant it was impossible to completely restore it to its rightful position so I ended up doing a Les Dawson “ hitch” ( very ladylike”) every so often .

So ladies, when lacing up your dress, do some practice walking too !

Andy assured me it was fine, but I didn’t think it was and in fact I think its spoiled the last lot of photos that we took –I definitely wasn’t happy with them.

We passed by another wedding party and that really did cement my less than jovial mood as someone made a comment as we passed about people doing weddings on the cheap - and laughing.

It was probably meant in jest but I felt really sad.

We were doing our own thing and suddenly I felt I had got it all wrong.

My dress had gone wrong, the weather was wrong, we hadn’t booked a photographer and our pictures were rubbish.

I felt like a total cheapskate and got myself quite down.

Andy laughed it off which he is really good at doing.

I just thought it wasn't the kindest thing for someone to say .

Each to their own and all that.

Queen Victoria popped back

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I am not a shopaholic
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And Andy made me laugh to take away my little grump

Our final stop was the beach – by now I couldn’t care less about the dress – it was destined for the bin at this rate so we marched onto the sand , much to the amusement of passing guests

Andy didn’t feel at all self conscious ( much)

I think hysteria or hypothermia had set in by now – or maybe both

One final job left to get the sand out of my shoes ( both these and the back of my dress were black by now)

And it really was THAT cold – check out the lifeguards, who on earth is going swimming today ?

Jeez, even the ducks were hibernating

Our good humour was restored by the time we got back – it was so ridiculously cold that we couldn’t do anything else but laugh

Back in the room and the maid had left us these

Shoes off

And I sat and went through our pics, and got all upset again – I really was so unhappy , so many were blurry or just really bad. Poor Andy offered for us to go back out again but it was so cold and I think that I just got myself into a bit of strop.

We had debated going to dinner in our wedding outfits but I was in such a grump that I think I practically threw my dress into a heap on the floor .

Andy says that I have too high expectations of everything being perfect and that for him, it was a perfect day and he didn’t care about the little things that didn’t go quite to plan – and he is right but at the time I just felt an enormous sense of deflation.

The morning had been so lovely and yet the afternoon had just been a comedy of errors , like the dress, the cold, even the crap choice of cake ! Its just at the time they weren’t feeling very funny.

I ate the cake ( more disappointment) and we got changed for dinner

We trotted off the lounge for a pre dinner drink and tried a few of the snacks

Spring roll type things and chicken skewers – a bit average really

It was soon time for our 6.10 ADR at Yachtsmans

When choosing where to have our wedding dinner it had been a tough call between Narcossees ( my fave) or Yachtsman (Andys fave) - we had eaten at both of these on our 2012 trip and loved them both. In the end Yachtsman won due to proximity to the resort and the amazing Porterhouse , which of course they then changed after we had already committed ourselves

Shula's the night before had set the bar high, I had called Disney dining to add on our wedding to the reservation - they clearly got the message given the resort upgrade so we were expecting a magical evening.

It didnt start well with the podium greeter - I asked for plain podium cake as we booked in - I was met with " no, we dont do that " and when I challenged what I had read on the website , all I got back " was well, i cant help with that , you will have to see what your server can do" I mean it wasn’t obvious like we were celebrating anything with our balloons and my ears .

Oh dear, very unDisney I felt.

Still Andy was happy enough looking at the steaks

We had booked a 6pm ADR as we knew we wouldnt have eaten all day and the original plan had been to go from here into Epcot and see the fireworks.

Shame the Icelandic conditions scuppered that as it did mean our romantic meal was set amidt hordes of family diners, rightly having an early supper with all their little people but it just meant the room was loud, rather chaotic and frankly not very signature at all

Again we wondered if more people had opted to dine in at the last minute rather than brave the Frozen ( pun intended) walk to anywhere else

Never mind

We were seated next to a couple of chaps who knew someone from Reading and we had much discussion about when a garden is garden , a yard or neither - apparently its all about the veg ! One of them was a lanscaper, he was really interesting. So they made the evening very cheery with their between courses banter.

We had a great server who said the cake was no problem, took the cake topper, was mortified they hadnt noted it on the reservation and went off to get some personalised menus printed straight away. He was a real sweetie.

We declined starters again , preferring to munch on the roasted garlic and delicious warm rolls

Steak bore that I am , it was the 8oz filet, with garlic mash and I picked the cream spinach for the side . Personally the spinach was too salty for me so not the best choice

Disappointed that the 24oz Porterhouse wasnt on offer, Andy went for the ribeye and sauteed mushrooms - the ribeye came as being listed with bone marrow and blue cheese sauce. He asked for both to be swopped - opting for truffle fries and no sauce

The sides and Andy's steak in the background

Andy swears the steak was sirloin as it was missing the line of fat that you normally see in a ribeye and it came drenched in the blue cheese sauce - and he hates blue cheese.

Oh dear - we then debated what to do, I was keen he sent it back so he would have a meal to enjoy, he didnt want to as I would be then eating on my own .

We wondered if we had got someone elses dinner by mistake as it had been brought out by a different server who must have been about 105 !

He decided to scrape off the sauce and make a go of it - which is when he decided it wasnt ribeye.

I have to say my steak was nice - not quite as good as Shula's . but fairly close. Andys just was a bit of a disaster but being determined not to have any drama, he tucked in - he said it was "ok" but a shame nothing better than that

I had been thinking of dessert but our server brought the cake out straightaway and we shared some - omg the sponge is super light but the icing is sooooooooo rich - I couldnt finish it

We took it away with us for future breakfasts

I had a coffee and Andy had a port as we had decided to retire up to the lounge for after dinner drinks - it was so cold that venturing out just was not going to happen , I was disappointed to be served in a cup with a big chip in the rim - really, expect better for a signature restaurant.

The bill was similar to Shulas ( almost exactly the same if you deduct the cake cost)

We gave the full tip as our server had been great, we didnt feel it was fair to give less as the other issues were not his fault and he had tried really hard to make our evening special

Would we go back? - no, definitely not. My dinner was nice but overall we felt the meal was not as good as our visit in 2012, and not a patch on Shula's and did not feel like a signature experience. it didnt spoil our stay - the Yacht club overall had treated us royally, they just need to take a look at how shula's is operating and maybe step it up a bit ( in our opinion)

We headed back up to the lounge - the meal wasn’t terrible but it was a disappointment.

But we settled in to the lounge, Andy had a few brandys and we chatted to the CMs. It was again really busy with the cold keeping people indoors. When the fireworks went off ,Andy commented that he hadn’t realised we were so close to the park, lol. Quote of the holiday on that tomorrow .

We were both tired by now – the excitement and ups and downs of the day catching up with us.

Im glad now I hadn’t booked an illuminations cruise and we were happy enough to forego the fast passes we had booked for the evening. After being so cold at the MVMCP , there was no way we were repeating it for Illuminations.

So like an old married couple we settled in to watch TV and laughed about the good and bad bits of the day – Andy went through the photos and after deleting the really rubbish ones, the collection that was left was marginally better and I didn’t feel quite so disappointed as I had done that afternoon, so the day ended on a much brighter note .

It had been a day that was quirky, funny, emotional and personal and all muddled up along the way– all the things that probably sum up how we are together. Nothing ever goes quite to plan but we manage to laugh it off in the end. We certainly have lots of memories to look back on !

the next day is HERE

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Wedding days always have a bit of good and not so good i dont care what anyone says! Your day was beautiful, dress flowers chapel - weather was a downer no getting away from that and dinner wasnt fab - how horrible of that person to make a horrible comment! The ceremony seemed lovely and you looked beautiful!
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Serious Dibber
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you look lovely in your dress and its supposed to be lucky if it rains on your wedding day xx congratulations though to both of you xx
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You both looked great!
I thought the wedding was lovely and personal and brought a tear to my eye!
I'm like you and want everything to be perfect but in life it often never is, us it?!
What matters is you're with the person you love xx
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Your dress was beautiful as were your photos and you looked gorgeous. Such a shame the weather wasn't good as you kind of expect it in Orlando. We have eaten in Shulas a few years back and really enjoyed it. Not eaten in the Yachtsman but not sure I want to now!
And what mean, horrible people from the other wedding party. What's that old saying.."If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" something like that...
Big weddings don't make the marriage happier and I think your day was great. Congratulations...
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First off yay it's the wedding day! You looked so beautiful, your dress was perfect and if you've got it flaunt it lol!

The ceremony looked fab and I love your sand jar it's a gorgeous size and shape and I think the layers look great.

What an awful thing for that person to say! I can not believe people can be so nasty sometimes, people in this world never fail to shock me. And quite frankly if we all did identical weddings the world would be rather dull. I think your day was perfect for you both and the fact you ended the day making each other laugh and smile shows how much your day was just about you both.

Such ashame about your meal but it's clear shualas was amazing so sound have been hard to top. At least you got a nice we walk on the boardwalk.

I hope looking back on it you can have happy memories and I really hope you phoned disney to complain about that podium server!

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Location: Glasgow

Don't you mind what anyone else thinks (I feel it says more about that person making the comment - very mean spirited! )

I think you both looked wonderful and truly happy - the photo's that i see on here all look fabulous and natural! I love your dress and your flowers :-)

I've also heard it's lucky if it rains on your wedding day! We got married in Vegas in January 2007 (coldest January in history in Las Vegas) needless to say this put me in the mother of all bad moods as i wanted to wear my dress all day BUT (being a bit like yourself, i expect perfection at all times) so i ended up taking my dress off and putting on WARM clothes!

Anyhoo, sorry for the ramble! Congratulations again and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Dunx :-)

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